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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Mar 27, 2008.

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    22. Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart

    toe injury, plus the fact that backs tend to slide on draft-day, knocks this bruiser w/ speed to us at 22, Stewart is the complete back who is versatile enough that he can also return kicks

    28. Indiana WR James Hardy

    tall WR w/ a power-forward's build, is fluid and a long-strider who presents a nice target deep, and in the redzone

    60. Virginia Tech CB Brandon Flowers

    short, compact CB w/ a safety's mentality, is fluid in coverage w/ a nice burst to the ball, very sound fundamentally, and has a good eye for recognizing and reacting to the play

    due to uncertainty of the compensation for Pac-Man, only doing 1st 2 rounds
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    I'd have no problem with all 3 picks, although I don't think Flowers won't last till our late 2nd rounder, I would rather have Wheatley or King, but I just like SPEED in my C.B.'s is all.
    I wouldn't mind this draft at all.
    If we signed Pacman, I think we go R.B. and W.R. in round 1, and then we might go D-line in round 2, someone like Red Bryant or a Dre' Moore would be qa nice addition, then use our 3rd and 4th rounders on a C.B. in round 3 and then a C.B./S. type in round 4 for much needed depth.

    #22 R.B. Jonathan Stewart
    #28 W.R. James Hardy
    2nd: D.T. Red Bryant
    3rd: C.B. Zach Bowman
    4th: S. Tyrell Johnson
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    Uncertainty? It's a mock draft man, nothing is certain. Let's see what else you got.

    In my mind our draft would play out along similar lines. Stewart and Hardy in the first would be a great haul.

    If a guy like DRC was there at 22nd however, I'd say take him anyway, inspite of acquiring Pacman. Grab Stewart at 28, if he's still there, if not, take Hardy and take one of the 2nd teir of RB's in the 2nd round.

    Not a bad mock though. Wouldn't mind Flowers as long as the scouts believe he can play in the NFL, assuming he lasts that long.

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