New Mel Kiper Top 25 Big Board 11-5-04

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    New Mel Kiper Top 25 Big Board

    1. Mike Williams Jr. WR USC
    Terrific combo of size and strength.

    2. Carnell Williams Sr. RB Auburn
    Very creative and deceptively strong runner.

    3. Erasmus James Sr. DE Wisconsin
    Outstanding pass rusher who can play the run.

    4. Ronnie Brown Sr. RB Auburn
    A complete, explosive back who does it all.

    5. Dan Cody Sr. DT Oklahoma
    A fiery, intense end who's coming on strong

    6. Cedric Benson Sr. RB Texas
    Four straight years with over 1,000 yards.

    7. Antrel Rolle Sr. CB Miami (Going down the board)
    Great in coverage and a good tackler.

    8. Derrick Johnson Sr. LB Texas
    Strength, speed and a nose for the ball.

    9. Braylon Edwards Sr. WR Michigan
    Has the size, speed and athleticism to dominate.

    10. Mark Clayton Sr. WR Oklahoma
    The best WR in years after the catch.

    11. David Pollack Sr. DE Georgia
    Incredible intensity and passion.

    12. Alex Barron Sr. OT Fla. St.
    6-6, 320 and an excellent pass blocker.

    13. Marlin Jackson Sr. CB Michigan
    Top-notch athletic and coverage skills.

    14. Matt Roth Sr. DE Iowa
    An outstanding natural pass rusher.

    15. Corey Webster Sr. DB LSU
    A blue-chiper slowed early on by injury.

    16. Shaun Cody Sr. DL USC
    Vesrsatile performer at DT or DE.

    17. Elton Brown Sr. OG Virginia
    Great athleticism for someone his size (6-5, 335).

    18. Travis Johnson Sr. DT Fla. St.
    Vastly improved and a dominant performer.

    19. Jammal Brown Sr. OT Oklahoma
    Equally adept at pass and run blocking.

    20. Chris Colmer Sr. OT NC State
    Back to his All-America form of '02.

    21. Alex Smith Sr. TE Stanford
    Leads the Cardinal in receptions.

    22. Marcus Johnson Sr. OG Ole Miss
    45 consecutive starts heading into November.

    23. Fred Gibson Sr. WR Georgia
    Improved consistency and durability.

    24. David Baas Sr. OG Michigan
    Battle-tested Big Ten veteran.

    25. Barrett Ruud Sr. LB Nebraska
    Excellent sideline-to-sideline speed, productivity.

    Dropped Off:
    Kyle Orton
    Anttaj Hawthorne
    Kevin Burnett
    Charlie Frye
    Andrew Walter
    Charles Frederick
    Logan Mankins
    Lance Mitchell
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    Man, I can't believe Hawthorne is dropping so fast. Once the underclassmen declare he might be down the board a bit. If we ended up with him in the 2nd I'd do backflips.

    Not that a list this early means squat. Just like thinking about it.
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    Marcus Spears must have slept with Kiper's wife.

    I guess 6-4/297 DE's with freakish athleticism grow on trees. Could have gone anywhere including Duke and UNC to play hoops but chose football at LSU.

    On his top 5 by position Kiper has Chris Canty at #5 and Spears isn't on the list. Canty tore his ACL and his season ended a month or so ago.

    I thought Kiper was let go by ESPN anyways.

    Did they bring him back.
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    Well I bet 20$ that Dan Cody isn't a top 20 pick. Guess thst would screw up his draft board.
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    Mel has him as a DT, but isn't he a DE? White guy? At least that's who I'm thinking of, maybe I'm wrong. If it is the guy, I've seen him, and he's good, don't know about #5 good.

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