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    I'm Chris born in Corpus Christi grew up watching Staubach, Dorsett, Pearson and Doomsday almost every 3pm after flipping over from Pastorini, Campbell and Burrough. So just a huge football fan that loves the chess game of it all. I went into the military and just never went back home. I go to watch the Cowboys in Dallas from Toledo, OH about twice a year now and watch them when they play within a couple of hours drive. I hope there is a niche of folks that enjoy the strategy of it all.
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    Hey Tejas25!! :welcome:and get posting. If you like beer...come and visit the I love beer thread!!
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    Thanks, looking forward to these games. And curious to see how the Cowboys do against...I'm guessing GB next week. I think the packers have found their running game which is making things easier for Rodgers to perform to his typical level. When the Dallas faced them the first time their running game was in total disarray. With the Dallas's current offensive scheme it's best to keep it to a lower scoring game for the best opportunity to win. More of of a whiskey on the rocks guy. But I certainly won't push away a cold beer!
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