New Mock based on recent Free Agent signings and team needs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghettogandhi, Mar 3, 2005.

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    This mock will be adjusted again prior to the draft- most of the big free agents have been locked up- minus the free agent cornerbacks- considering the deemphasis on the cb position it is my contention that those signings will have little impact on the draft- without further adieu here it is:

    1) SAN FRANCISCO- Aaron Rodgers- the 49ers need lots of help at several positions but I believe they have seen the success that Pitt had and have watched Eli play well and are convinced that the only way to rise is to get a top notch playcaller ( wildcard- RONNIE BROWN)

    2) MIAMI- Ronnie Brown- the most complete back since Ladanian Tomlinson- very fast, big and strong, catches the ball well also- MIAMI will be escatic to get this gem

    3)Cleveland- Alex smith- browns desperately need a quality play caller and Romeo Crennel knows this well having seen Brady quietly dominate- (wildcard- Shawn Merriman-

    4)Chicago- BRAYLON EDWARDS- most explosive wr threat in draft- even though they have signed muhammed they need a number 2 wr and a young one for the future- they are happy with grossman and jones.- this pick is almost a lock

    5)Tampa Bay- Cadillac Williams- rb to go with clayton and simms
    wildcard- MIKE WILLIAMS

    6)Tennesse- Pac MAN JONES-this is the wildcard slot- they need lots of players-Alex Barron is a real possibility here to

    7) Minnesota- MIKE WILLIAMS- williams. burress may make this a better wr corp than last year with moss- wildcard- Derrick Johnson

    8)Arizona- Cedric Benson- they will be jumping for joy if this happens-dangerous offensive potential with boldin and fitzgerald

    9)Washington- Shawn Merriman- best hybrid player available and Greg Williams prefers the 3-4- if skins lose Coles and Smoot without replacing them this could change- also if williams drops here they will pick him- lastly the skins may go dline if they arent crazy about Merriman

    10)Detroit- they need defense and more defense- Travis Johnson will be the pick here- Wildcard- Derrick Johnson could easily be the pick here

    11) Dallas- I truly believe if we are on the clock and williams and Merriman are gone we trade down-if we stay here we should take
    Derrick Johnson- the only thing about that pick is that it pretty much guarantees we arent going to the 3-4- will Parcells be able to stomach that? wildcard Marcus Spears- i will upchuck if this happens

    what do you guys think of this mock? are my picks off? where do you see each team targeting

    to be continued
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    The Bear's GM is in love with Cedric Benson and I don't believe Aaron Rodgers will be taken twice in the same draft. Although, it would make it interesting.
  3. VirusX

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    Umm you have the QB going at 1 and 3
  4. maloy

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    You must really be bored, there are not two Aaron rodgers
  5. VirusX

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    Well Eli was taken twice so I guess its possible LOL :p:
  6. SuperSafety_31

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    They could play paper, rock, scissors for him.:sun:
  7. The30YardSlant

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    Unless they discover how to clone a human in the next 6 weeks, I doubt that draft happens...
  8. Avery

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    Here's my top ten:

    1. SF - Rogers
    2. MIA - Benson
    3. CLE - Smith
    4. CHI - Edwards
    5. TB - Brown
    6. TEN - P. Jones
    7. MIN - M. Williams
    8. ARI - C. Williams
    9. WASH - Williamson
    10. DET - Rolle

    Some of these are interchangable (i.e the QB's at #1 and #3, RB's among MIA, TB, ARI). The first wildcard of the draft will be the Titans as they could go WR or shock and go RB. There will be an obvious trickle-down effect after their pick if they go off the map.

    I think WASH reaches slightly for Williamson since there's still a gap between him and Clayton. Merriman and James are darkhorses for them.

    Things will become a little clearer once FA simmers down. If Burress goes to the Vikes, it's great news for the Skins.
  9. ghettogandhi

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    that was obviously a mistake- my firefox logs me out of the site so quickly that by the time I finish a long post it doesnt recognize me so I tried to post and then edit instead- you guys saw the incomplete and unedited version- although I do agree that it would make for a very interesting draft
  10. VirusX

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    I believe the browns will pass on Alex Smith and go for DJ because crennel likes this kid a lot. But if they dont get DJ it will be Alex Smith. If Derrick Johnson is there at 11 dallas will not trade down.
  11. ndanger

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    dan :D g man hope o jerra knows we can take the same dangd o player twice man dang cowboys get good fast man dang jerra you payin tention dang it man
  12. ghettogandhi

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  13. ghettogandhi

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    IF the bears take Benson that would be great for the Skins- top three backs will be gone by the time we pick- add to that the top two qbs who will be gone-

    Couple of real good value guys later in the first

    Khalif Barnes
    Troy Williamson
    Dan Cody
    Thomas Davis
    Mark Clayton
    Antaj Hawthorne
    Erasmus James-

    I hope we get the speedy wr to fully open up the offense-TROY WILLIAMSON AT 20 sounds great

    AN offense of bledsoe, julius jones, witten, glenn, key, morgan and Williamson is really dangerous
  14. SuperSafety_31

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    1. SAN FRAN Aaron Rodgers I think that San Fran could get a team to jump up to take one of the RBs here if the play there cards right and take Rodger a couple a picks later.

    2. Miami Ronnie Brown Unless they trade Surtan for Edge James which I honestly don't think will happen.

    3. CLEVELAND Alex Smith Maybe Derrick Johnson because Crennel's defense features playmaking linebackers.

    4. CHICAGO Cedric Benson I'm going to go out on a limb and call this a lock because what is a mock draft without going out on a limb somewhere. Also, I think the bears try to slide down a few spots and still get Benson.

    5. TAMPA BAY Cadillac Williams I wouldn't be surprised to see Mike Williams or Braylon Edwards go here. Gruden is an offensive coach and this would give him a pair of good young WRs.

    6. Tennesse Antrell Rolle Yes, Rolle over Jones because at the Miami pro-day Rolle ran a 4.4 on wet grass, plus Rolle is bigger than Jones. Also, the Titans have a lot of needs and don't be surprised if Norm Chow and Mike Williams are reunited. Also, Alex Barron

    7. Minnesota Braylon Edwards This will be Moss' replacement. If they sign Plaxico then they could go defense here but I think they go WR either way.

    8. Arizona PacMan Jones Green is pissed that all the top RBs are gone then takes a corner to replace Starks after trading him to New England.

    9. Washington Mike Williams They could go defense here but I think Mike Williams is the pick here.

    10. Detroit Heath Miller To be honest I'm not sure. I put a TE because the West Coast Off. needs a good TE, but other players to consider would be Alex Barron and Thomas Davis.

    11. Dallas (I'm going to post two players. The first is who I would want in this situation and the second is who I think will be taken in this situation.) (Troy Williamson) Shawn Merriman If the draft falls this way I think Dallas takes Merriman. The reason I want Williamson is because he is the same size as Mike Williams but faster, and I don't think Mark Clayton will last until #20. Another player to consider is Alex Barron but I think Jammal Brown can be had at #20 or Kalihif Barnes in the 2nd.
  15. SuperSafety_31

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    I don't think Davis will be there at #20 but Pool will be.

    Williamson won't make it to #20 after running a 4.3

    Clayton be but I doubt it.

    I'm sorry but I don't think Eramus James last that long either.
  16. Derinyar

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    I do think if Derrick Johnson is available when we pick we should take him. He is probably the best defensive player in this draft. With the added bulk on the line our backers should be better this year.
  17. Compacity

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    1. SF -Aaron Rogers
    2. MIA - Cedric Benson
    3. CLE - Derrick Johnson
    4. CHI - Alex Smith
    5. TB -Cadilac Williams
    6. TEN - Adam "Pac Man" Jones
    7. MIN - Shawne Merriman/ trade down
    8. ARI - Ronnie Brown
    9. WASH - Brylon Edwards
    10. DET - Antrell Rolle
    11. DAL-Mike Williams/possibly trade up
    12.SAN- David Pollack
    13.HOU- Alex Barron
    14.CAR-Troy Williamson
    15.KAN-Dan Cody
    16.NO- Channing Crowder
    17.CIN-Erasmus James
    18.MIN- Thomas Davis
    19.STL- Jammal Brown
    20.DAL- Shaun Cody
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    I use Firefox also and I thought that was a forum issue. Why does it log me out if I haven't posted or changed screens for 5 minutes? Is there a fix for this? I must have logged in 25 times today!

  19. ghettogandhi

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    IM not sure I changed the settings in firefox to accept cookies until they expire and it still is doing it to me too....

    anyone else use firefox and know how to fix this problem.

    as for the mock- since there arent sure fire studs in this draft this top ten is pretty transitional from month to month- one things for certain this draft will be exciting especially with 2 first round picks
  20. ghettogandhi

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    looks as though we may be trading down again this year?

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