New Mock based on recent Free Agent signings and team needs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghettogandhi, Mar 3, 2005.

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    Do you guys still think Chicago will take a wr after they signed Muhammad and i heard Minn. is trying to get Plaxico Burress
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    I think Chicago may surprise everyone and take a RB.
    I think Minnesota will sign Plaxico Burress and draft defense, probably a CB
    I think Tennessee is a huge threat to take Mike Williams
    I don't think Detroit will go DT, they already have one of the best in Shaun Rogers. They may go CB or S Davis from UGA or there's a possibility of DJ (although they drafted Lehman last year)
    I think Washington would love to get Braylon Edwards if he's still available, The loss of Bailey AND Smoot, even with the signing of Springs, almost forces them to consider a CB given the depth of the CB position this draft. I think they are a good candidate to trade down and take the best DL available though or take one at 10. DL has been a nagging problem for them. Of course they lost LB Pierce also, arguable their most consistent defensive performer. IMO, Washington is the biggest wildcard, they have so many needs. Knowing Snyderscum, I expect them to make the sexiest pick available just to satisfy his ego. Merriman, DJ, CB, DL are probably at the tops of their board.

    Dallas: I think we lose a lot of interest if MW, BE, DJ, and Merriman are gone, and frankly we should. Those guys are all good picks at 11, after that considering our needs...there's not much out there. Spears isn't a top 12 pick IMO so i hope we don't do that. A trade back into the mid to late teens would be advisable and try to recoup a third round pick (hopefully to draft J Goddard or K Nugent). Trading back we might look at Spears or even parlaying the pick to grab a few extra mid round picks this year and an extra first next year a la last year's draft. Of course, this time, we'd still have a first round pick.
    I'm starting the bandwagon now!!!!! 2006 Draft Ahmad Brooks!!!

    At 20, if somehow Merriman was still on the board then its a coup. Spears is a great value there. Mark Clayton is a great value. Jamaal Brown is a great value. Troy Williamson is a good value. If we use our 11 pick to get a player, I think we trade this pick down.

    2nd round: Blackstock is a steal, Terrence Murphy is a good value, Williamson is a great value, a trade down and K Nugent is good value, Marlin Jackson is a steal, FS Poole is decent value, Butler is good value, T Munoz is good value

    I think we'll deal at least one of those picks though either with a slight trade back to grab a 3rd rounder or a complete trade out to get another first next year.

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