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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by PA Cowboy11, Mar 16, 2005.

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    Posted just a few minutes ago.....Has us taking Mark Clayton at #11 and Merriman at #20.....Thought it was interesting because they have Williamson going to the Vikes at #7
  2. Champsheart

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    Well if anything I would think that would be switched around.

    #11 Merriman
    #20 Clayton

    It would not suprise me to see Clayton go higher than expected though.

    He is a player!
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    Who's "Williamson"?
  4. jbsg02

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    Troy Williamson
  5. Avery

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    Get in the game, Winny. This close to the draft, you should know his boxer size by now (34).
  6. JackMagist

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    Did it have Williamson going higher than Williams or Edwards or do they have Williamson going before them? I don't know but I think this Mock is about as far off as any I've seen so far.
  7. Cajuncowboy

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    Here's the link:
    They have Edwards going first overall to SF, Mike Williams going 5th to TB and Williamson going 7th to Minny.
  8. Muhast

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    foxsports seems clueless, it's almost guaranteed that 3 rb's will go in the top 7 picks. especially tb
  9. ChldsPlay

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    San Diego must get a young receiver but won't be able to pass up James. James never stops hustling and thus is the anti-Marcellus Wiley. James (6-4, 266) is a little undersized to be a 3-4 end, but plays with great intensity and leverage

    I think that's kind of funny.
  10. Chief

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    Dat Dude is a real hustler ... just not on the field.

    On a serious note, Clayton is one of my favorites.
  11. DallasEast

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    Here's's breakdown of the first-round picks by position:

    * Asterisk denotes underclassmen
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    9		Redskins	Adam Jones*		CB
    13		Texans		Antrel Rolle		CB
    15		Chiefs		Carlos Rogers		CB
    23		Seahawks	Justin Miller*		CB
    26		Jets		Corey Webster		CB
    29		Colts		Fabian Washington*	CB
    30		Steelers	Marlin Jackson		CB
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    12		Chargers	Erasmus Jones		DE
    18		Vikings		David Pollack		DE
    20		Cowboys		Shawne Merriman*	DE
    21		Jaguars		Marcus Spears		DE
    22		Ravens		Matt Roth		DE
    25		Broncos		Justin Tuck*		DE
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    17		Bengals		Travis Johnson		DT
    24		Packers		Shaun Cody		DT
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    31		Eagles		Channing Crowder*	ILB
    32		Patriots	Barrett Ruud		ILB
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    3		Browns		Derrick Johnson		OLB
    27		Falcons		Darryl Blackstock*	OLB
    28		Chargers	Demarcus Ware		OLB
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    19		Rams		Jammal Brown		OT
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    6		Titans		Alex Smith*		QB
    16		Saints		Aaron Rodgers*		QB
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    2		Dolphins	Ronnie Brown		RB
    4		Bears	        Carnell Williams	RB
    8		Cardinals	Cedric Benson		RB
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    14		Panthers	Thomas Davis*		S
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    10		Lions		Alex Barron		T
    Pick		Team		Player		       Pos.
    1		49ers		Braylon Edwards		WR
    5		Buccaneers	Mike Williams*		WR
    7		Vikings		Troy Williamson*	WR
    11		Cowboys		Mark Clayton		WR
  12. ddh33

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    I don't think Dan Cody falls that far though.
  13. Chief

    Chief "Friggin Joke Monkey"

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    It's hard to take these mocks serious when they have last names wrong.

    Erasmus Jones? :rolleyes:

    I wonder if Cowboys owner Jerry James likes him.
  14. Tobal

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    1 (33) 49ers Elton Brown G Va.
    The Niners need an upgrade at both guards. Kevan Barlow was paid like a top back last season, but he struggled behind a makeshift offensive line. This move might make the enigmatic Barlow happy -- at least for a day or so.
    Team needs: QB | DE | WR | RB | NT | OT | S | OLB | CB

    2 (34) Browns Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wis.
    The rebuilding of the defense continues. DT Gerald Warren was traded to Denver not only because of disappointing production, but because he doesn't fit the 3-4. Hawthorne appears to be the two-gap run stuffer Romeo Crennel covets.
    Team needs: QB | LB | G | OT | CB | S | DE | P

    3 (35) Eagles Terrence Murphy WR Tex. A&M
    (from Miami) The Eagles need an upgrade at receiver over Freddie Mitchell and Todd Pinkston to take some pressure off Terrell Owens. Murphy is a size (6-0 7/8, 202) and speed prospect (4.39) who runs good routes.
    Team needs: WR | DE | DT | RB | TE | QB

    4 (36) Buccaneers Marcus Johnson T Ole Miss
    The Buccaneers must address the aging patchwork on their offensive line. Johnson (6-6 1/2, 321) has great size. He played guard in college but may be better suited for the outside. That versatility gets him picked here as a tackle of the future.
    Team needs: RB | TE | WR | K | G | QB | NT

    5 (37) Titans Odell Thurman* ILB Georgia
    Thurman would step in and help the Titans right away as a very tough defender with good instincts.
    Team needs: WR | OT | CB | OLB | ILB | RB | DE

    6 (38) Raiders Brodney Pool* S Oklahoma
    After releasing Ray Buchanan, the Raiders need an upgrade at safety. Pool, an outstanding athlete, excels in run support and is more than adequate in pass coverage.
    Team needs: RB | DE | C | S | WR | OLB | ILB

    7 (39) Bears Kevin Burnett OLB Tennessee
    The Bears need an upgrade at linebacker around Brian Urlacher. A high-character player, Burnett can both run and hit with a nose for the ball.
    Team needs: QB | OT | WR | RB | G | LB | TE | CB | K

    8 (40) Saints Lance Mitchell ILB Oklahoma
    (from Washington) The Saints have swung and missed at a middle linebacker in recent drafts and need to get it right sooner rather than later. Mitchell is ready to play now.
    Team needs: LB | G | S | CB | RB | OT | C

    9 (41) Lions Alex Smith TE Stanford
    The Lions signed Marcus Pollard as a stopgap. The tight end is an integral part of their West Coast offense. Smith has the receiving skills to threaten the deep middle and is an adequate blocker.
    Team needs: S | OT | DE | LB | G | TE | WR

    10 (42) Cowboys Ernest Shazor* S Michigan
    The Cowboys need a free safety to replace Darren Woodson so they can park Roy Williams at strong safety and let him roll down into the box in run support.
    Team needs: DT | OLB | CB | S | OT | G | WR

    11 (43) Giants Fred Gibson WR Georgia
    The Giants must get some playmakers at wide receiver for Eli Manning. Gibson, who has both good size (6-4, 196) and speed (4.55) to go along with a strong work ethic, can flat-out make plays.
    Team needs: ILB | DT | WR | OT | RB | TE | OLB | QB | K

    12 (44) Cardinals Heath Miller* TE Va.
    An abdominal injury has kept Miller from working out for teams and his stock is slipping. He was once considered a high first-rounder. If he gets healthy, he is a great value pick here.
    Team needs: RB | CB | QB | TE | NT | DE | OT | DT

    13 (45) Panthers David Baas C Michigan
    Baas can play either guard or center. The Panthers would plug him into guard opposite former Packer Mike Wahle.
    Team needs: OT | RB | DT | WR | C | CB | S

    14 (46) Chiefs Chris Canty DE Va.
    Another injured Virginia player who might prove to be a great value pick here. Canty has big upside as a pass rusher if he can get healthy.
    Team needs: CB | LB | DE | WR | DT | OT | QB

    15 (47) Texans Luis Castillo DT N'western
    He is best pure nose tackle in the draft. Castillo's stock may rise because of all the teams going to 3-4s and the lack of true noses available.
    Team needs: OT | OLB | DT | CB | WR | ILB

    16 (48) Bengals Chris Spencer* C Ole Miss
    With Rich Braham nearing the end of his career, center is a high priority for the Bengals. Spencer is a versatile player who also has played both guard positions.
    Team needs: DE | DE | TE | S | C | TE | RB

    17 (49) Vikings Chris Henry* WR W.Va.
    Irony at its best. Like Randy Moss, the enigmatic Henry is a big wide receiver (6-4, 197) with freaky athleticism, a selfish attitude and a checkered past -- and he also hails from a West Virginia school.
    Team needs: LB | S | DT | G | DE | WR | QB

    18 (50) Rams Vincent Fuller S Va. Tech
    Adam Archuleta has back and neck problems and the experimental move of Pisa Tinoisamoa from linebacker to strong safety may already be dead. Fuller would then fill a huge need.
    Team needs: OT | LB | S | DE | G | RB | DT | CB

    19 (51) Packers Khalif Barnes T Wash.
    (from New Orleans) The Packers lost two key offensive linemen -- guards Wahle and Marco Rivera -- in free agency. One of the more intriguing all-around prospects, Barnes can play guard but projects as a tackle.
    Team needs: S | QB | DE | LB | TE | G | P

    20 (52) Jaguars Bryant McFadden CB Florida St.
    The Jaguars need to upgrade their cornerbacks to handle the Colts and the other tough receivers in the AFC South. McFadden has strong ball skills.
    Team needs: DE | OT | CB | WR | RB | S

    21 (53) Ravens Craphonso Thorpe WR Florida St.
    The Ravens will be opening up their offense and must continue to give Kyle Boller more playmakers. The addition of Derrick Mason is only one piece of the puzzle.
    Team needs: WR | G | OT | CB | DT | ILB | RB

    22 (54) Seahawks Ben Wilkerson C LSU
    The Seahawks need depth and youth on their offensive line. If they lose Robbie Tobeck as a free agent, Wilkerson's learning curve gets shortened.
    Team needs: OLB | DE | CB | WR | RB | C | DT | ILB

    23 (55) Bills Eric Green CB Va. Tech
    Green has the skills to be an eventual starter. He would contribute immediately in nickel and dime packages and on special teams.
    Team needs: OT | DT | TE | G | C | WR | RB | CB

    24 (56) Broncos Marion Barber III* RB Minnesota
    The Broncos are not sold on any of their current running backs. Reuben Droughns is seen as returning to fullback so he has asked to leave. Barber could be the next 1,000-yard beneficiary of Denver's ace blocking scheme.
    Team needs: DE | G | WR | CB | RB | OLB

    25 (57) Jets Donte Nicholson S Oklahoma
    Reggie Tongue makes too many mistakes for a veteran who has lost a step. No one on the roster has won the job yet.
    Team needs: CB | TE | S | RB | WR | DT | C | K | QB

    26 (58) Packers Oshiomogho Atogwe S Stanford
    With the departure of Darren Sharper, and the up-and-down play of Mark Roman, the Packers must address safety.
    Team needs: S | QB | DE | LB | TE | G | P

    27 (59) Falcons Roddy White WR UAB
    The Falcons do not have a solid group of wide receivers on their roster and Peerless Price has not become the go-to guy they had hoped he would be.
    Team needs: ILB | S | DT | OT | WR | DE | S

    28 (60) Colts Dustin Fox CB Ohio St.
    Here's another Ohio State defensive back for the Colts, but Fox is faster and more athletic than fellow Buckeye Mike Doss.
    Team needs: ILB | DT | DE | RB | CB | S | OLB | OT | FB

    29 (61) Chargers Wesley Britt T Alabama
    LT Roman Oben is on the downside of his career. Britt can learn behind the veteran and become his eventual replacement.
    Team needs: DE | S | WR | OT | NT

    30 (62) Steelers Kevin Everett TE Miami (FL)
    The Steelers are in need of an athletic receiving tight end who can stretch the deep middle. Everett, a great athlete, may slip to here because of durability concerns, which would make him a tremendous value pick.
    Team needs: WR | DE | TE | G | ILB | RB | CB

    31 (63) Eagles Michael Munoz T Tennessee
    LT Tra Thomas (30) and RT Jon Runyan (31) are both slowly getting up in years. The Eagles need to address the depth and get more youth at the position.
    Team needs: WR | DE | DT | RB | TE | QB

    32 (64) Patriots Marcus Lawrence ILB S. Carolina
    The Patriots go back to the well to rebuild their vital linebacker corps.
    Team needs: CB | OT | ILB | OLB | FB | G | QB
  15. Dale

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    If this Erasmus Jones fella were from Arkansas, Jerry would be all over him...only to be ultimately disappointed to discover he was a James, and not a Jones.
  16. Dale

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    Chief, you said you're real high on Clayton...but at pick No. 11? Seems like a stretch to me. At 20, I'd buy it. But 11?
  17. sybarite

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    Clayton would be a steal at 11, but he will fall to 20.

    If you see the films on Pool, you would want him at 11. If you actually watch him play on a consistent basis, he might be a second day pick. Great athlete who can't cover.
  18. Sandman52

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    These mocks stink. I only liked their first two versions when they had us tabbing Rolle and Brown before FA started.
  19. Sarge

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    .................. :D
  20. Derinyar

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    If someone should be available at 20, by definateion he wouldn't be a steal earlier.

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