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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CPonder14, Dec 16, 2007.

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  3. Bob Sacamano

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    I like it
  4. junk

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    McKelvin's stock has soared this year, but I'm not sure he's a first rounder.
  5. dallasfan

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    I'll take Cason at 31, and this is a perfect first round.
  6. dasander

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    I like this mock draft. If the Cowboys think the Leodis is a physical marvel like Demarcus Ware coming out of Troy, then they should take, but I do agree that Cason would be a better pick. It all depends on what Ireland and the scouting department likes. I really like Scott Wright's Mock Drafts. I think I would modify his mock draft, so...

    1a) Felix Jones: replaces JJ and provides the team with a speed back to complement barber

    1b) Leodis Mckelvin/ Antoine Cason: A young CB is definately needed within the Cowboy's first 3 picks. Since we're mostly playing with a lead, CB depth is important. I kinda prefer Cason at this point.

    2) Harry Douglas WR Lousville: 5-11 170lbs and runs 4.35 forty. I've had my eye on this kid on Scott Wright's draft sight and I think he could be a good replacement for Terry Glenn. smaller receiver that can stretch the defense and open up our offense. I don't know if anyone's seens him play, but physically he seems like a good addition to our offense.

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