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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Mar 26, 2012.

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    The addition of a 4th round pick makes a big difference in any mock draft.

    1st Round- David DeCastro OG Stanford- I still cant find a pick in the draft that makes more sense than this 1. Not only is he an immediate starter, but he is the best OG on our roster as well.

    2nd Round- Brandon Thompson DT Clemson- 1 of the better pass rushing DT's in this draft which makes him a perfect fit as a 5 tech in the 3-4. He also has good size(310 lbs) and strength to be an anchor against the run.

    3rd Round- Orson Charles TE Georgia- If hes here its an absolute no brainer. Fits the new breed of athletic pass catching TE's, but isnt afraid to block either. Great weapon to add to the offense.

    4th Round- Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina- CB with good size and athleticism that played a lot of press man in college. Still room to grow behind our current group of CB's with a lot of potential. Good value compared to some of the CB's who will go in much earlier in the draft.

    4th Round Compensation Pick- Aaron Henry FS Wisconsin I like him as an underrated FS prospect in this draft. He ran a surprising 4.53 at his proday and has more than adequate size at 6' 208. Productive player at a big school who I think can turn into a solid pro.

    5th Round- Olivier Vernon OLB Miami Big time recruit out of high school who showed big time promise after his sophomore season. Was 1 of many who got caught up in the Miami scandal and was suspended for 6 games this year and decided to go pro anyway. At 6'2 261 with good athleticism hes a good transition project as a pass rush specialist at OLB.

    6th Round- Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma- Perfect for a slot WR in the NFL. Knows how to get open and has great hands. If not for the injury he goes much higher in the draft. Still worth the wait to get healthy.

    7th Round- Jeff Adams OT Columbia Project swing tackle with the size and athleticism to make it in the NFL.
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    Good mock.

    If Thompson can rush the QB, then you've hit a home run.

    I would like an OLB earlier, but Vernon is an underrated player, IMO.
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    Very good effort.

    Nice assortment of needs filled.

    I'm not big on Thompson though... I don't think he'll ever be even an average pass-rusher at the NFL level. Kenyon Coleman part II.

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