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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Rampage, Sep 11, 2009.

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    give your predictions after watching the vid

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    1) Detroit will have the best percentage increase in wins. They only have to win one to improve 100%, 2 wins would virtually put them out of reach on any other team.

    2) I think Miami will come back to earth and drop significantly from last years record.

    3) The Owens/Williams differential will be no more than 350 yards. If the Bills are going to rely on quick passes as Shango believes and if teams crowd Owens at the line like they did last year, he won't be open for those quick passes. Just my opinion. Of course if teams play off him and give him a chance to break free right away, he could have a lot of yards. I still put it at no more than 350.
    4) I'm tempted to go with the Vikings for the rushing lead because of Peterson, but I think I will go with San Diego with LT and Sproles.
    5) I'm going with the homer pick of Cowboys vs. Pittsburg in the SB with Dallas winning.

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