New Species of Bat, not related to Bruce Wayne

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SaltwaterServr, Feb 26, 2012.

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    My notes. I took an 8 am class in Mammology at Tx Tech one year. Never went because of the hour. I did happen to catch the lecture on Chiropterans which blew through dozens of photos of different bats. The diversity of the different species' facial protuberances is astounding. With only the barest of knowledge, you can pick out the predatory insectivorous species from the fruit/vegetarian/macrofaunal feeding species.

    The level of complexity to the faces are that distinct.
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    Why the face?

    Seriously. Nocturnal. Nobody gonna see it. Not scaring any prey into submission with it.

    Looks like Predator.

    Makes no sense. At the very least he should have a reverse mullet to cover that thing up.

    Looks like someone took his nose to a cheese grater.
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    Weird. I went hunting with my buddy one time whose parents leased a lot of land in Uvalde, Texas. He asked me if I wanted to see something cool so I obliged. He proceeded to lead me to the entrance of an empty cave and I asked him why this was such a neat thing and he told me to wait. After about 20 minutes ten million bats proceeded to fly out that mofo. Turns out it was called the "Frio Bat Cave" and is pretty well known amongst bat enthusiasts. Was one of the coolest things I've seen. Also, wreck 'em.
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    Back when I was a kid, we used to do quite a bit of fishing on the Guadalupe River below the H5 power plant about 8 or 9 miles north of where the San Marcos River finally joins it. We broke two sheer pins on our outboard motor one evening and had to paddle, upstream, to the fishing camp. I was amazed to see how many more bats were out when the loud old Sears 7.5hp wasn't running up and down the river. Very cool experience. Dad hated it. Not fond of bats, doesn't mind snakes.

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