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    During games, we regularly disable new thread creation to avoid adding a constant workload of thread merging by the moderators that is required due to users who get upset after every play, series, etc. and start new threads rather than post in the Game Day threads. CowboysZone has a large amount of users online and posting during games which makes it much harder to moderate than most sites.

    A short time after the game ends, new thread creation is re-enabled even after losses when we know there will be a lot of threads. At that point the staff can deal with it better since they do not have to constantly monitor the very active game day thread, the forums and the game chat page.

    Unfortunately last night after the game when I re-enabled new thread creation the change did not take effect for some reason. I apologize for this and will double-check it from now on to make sure it is live.

    In any case, everyone should be able to create new threads again.


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