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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Duane, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Duane

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    I finally broke down and got an XBOX 360. Just picked up Tiger Woods and Mass Effect at the game store.

    Does anyone have reccomendations on games? I generally play stuff that doesn't give me motion sickness so FPS are mostly a no go.

    My gamer tag is LittleBigHurt (same as my AOL screen name) if anyone wants to add me to their friends list.
  2. theogt

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    Assassin's Creed was good. Basically it's Splinter Cell in the Middle Ages.
  3. Route 66

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    Congrats and welcome to the Red Ring Club! I'm on my third one but at least it didn't cost me anything-just an annoyance.
  4. the kid 05

    the kid 05 Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

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    some good games are Fight Night Round 3 (excelent boxing game), Forza Motorsport 2 (only fm3 will be able to unseat this game from my personal fav) i'd agree with Assassins creed is a very good game
  5. Jon88

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    You have to get Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It's a great game.
  6. ChldsPlay

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    Depends on what kind of games you like.

    I for one thought Assassin's Creed was incredibly repetitive and boring. It was pretty though.

    You might try Devil May Cry 4 if you didn't already play it if you have a PS3. It's a good 15-20 hrs. and pretty fun.
    I'd say give Gears of War a shot, since it's not really a FPS (which I hate) but it's probably still a bit too much motion.

    If you like RPGs then Lost Odyssey is good, at least what I've played so far (2 of 4 discs). Eternal Sonata also got good reviews though after 10 hrs I have found it to be pretty slow going. I still haven't played Blue Dragon.

    Of course there is Rock Band as well.

    Honestly, I stick to renting 95% of the time these days. There's just aren't many games that I would play anymore once I've finished them. There just isn't that long term value. And there's just way way too many FPS.
  7. locked&loaded

    locked&loaded Well-Known Member

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    speaking of breaking down... better get used to it.
  8. Achozen

    Achozen Sounds From The Lair

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    Good choice on picking up Mass Effect. One of the best games I've played in a long time.

    You should also check out Oblivion.
  9. tomson75

    tomson75 Brain Dead Shill

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    0 Likes Received was just a matter of time. Is it really that hard to resist?
  10. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    If you like music, and who doesn't??, you'll play this game for hours and hours. I've had it for 3-4 months, and I never tire of playing... except for when I literally feel like my leg is going to fall off with all the double bass hits.
    Yeah, if you're not an FPS fan, you're going to have a harder time finding games you like... at least you won't waste as much money on games as the rest of us.

    But as far as FPS go, COD4 is the gold standard.
  11. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    Or you could get used to having half as many games, of lower quality, and shoddy online service.
  12. DemonBlood

    DemonBlood Member

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    Damn, before you said you get motion sickness I was going to say get BioShock and The Orange Box. Those two along with COD4 and Mass Effect were the best 360 games of 07.

    If you like 3rd person games you should check out Army Of Two. I'm really enjoying it so far...Also buying Rez HD on XBLA is a must!
  13. DemonBlood

    DemonBlood Member

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    Are you mad that he didn't make a thread titled "New PS3 Owner"? Sony fanboys always make me laugh. They always bring up the RROD for no reason whatsoever and think they're dropping knowledge on people. Oh my God, you mean to tell me 360's red ring?! I can not live in a world that has consoles that become possessed and start shining 3 red lights...thanks for the heads up!

    Or maybe you work for Sony? If so, when are you guys going to release Home? I've been waiting for that every Thursday when they update the PSN store.
  14. thomas_22

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    3 of my friends have got the red ring but i got mine at mid night on the relase date and its never given me a single proplem. guess i just got lucky. how ever the games i like are halo 3 and of course Madden, and I recently got burnout paridise and its pretty sweet. and I like MLB 2K8 i got the other day and its pretty cool because when i play the game the Texas Rangers are acctully good.
  15. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    I think my username is Rack3522 or maybe Rack 3522 (space between K and 3).

    I'm the same way with FPS games. Most of them really make me nauceous. If you're into computer games though, try planetside. It's an awesome MMO FPS but it never gets me sick. Been playing a lot of that lately and it kicks arse.
  16. DemonBlood

    DemonBlood Member

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    If you have a PS3 and like baseball games you should try MLB 08 The Show. One of the best baseball games I have ever played. Though, 2K8 is real good too.
  17. kTXe

    kTXe On To The Next One

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    I own a 360 and can readily admit that, as a piece of hardware, it is a piece of crap. There is nothing wrong with stating the truth. Myself and every single friend of mine that has a 360 has had at least one serious problem with it. If you find that acceptable, so be it. But there is really no denying that the PS3 is a FAR superior piece of hardware, and with the Blu-Ray player, a better value as well.

    Now, the 360 does have a better game library at this point, for sure, and that is the most important thing. But right now, 2008 is looking like a better year for the PS3 as far as games are concerned.
  18. DemonBlood

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    This thread was not about which system has the "FAR superior piece of hardware". The guy was asking what games to buy for his 360 and then out of spite, locked&loaded brought up the typical fanboy rebel scream "RROD!".

    I own both systems and love me some Blu-Ray movies...but also love watching HD movies on the Live Market Place. I wouldn't jump to conclusions and think just because Sony has the built in player that M$ is screwed on that front. M$ main focus has always been digital distribution of HD movies. There is a reason why they didn't put the HD-DVD drive into the 360. Funny thing, if they had done that from the beginning HD-DVD would still be in the fight and might have been winning.

    Also, you brought up the other favorite saying of Sony fanboys around the world..."2008 year of the Sony!". It's as if they somehow have gotten a hold of a crystal ball or something. There is still many, many games we don't know of for 2008. You may think the PS3 lineup is great but others could say "meh" to it. You have no idea if any of those games are actually going to be any good when they come out (I'm looking at you Lair).

    Me personally? I'm looking forward to Little Big Planet and the new Metal Gear but I also can't wait for Fable 2, GTA4, Alan Wake and Gears Of War 2 for my 360.
  19. smarta5150

    smarta5150 Mr. Wright

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    I just got a 360 a little over a month ago.

    I bought NBA 2k8, Lost Odyssey and Call of Duty 4.

    I put a good 30 hours into LO and I'm about an hour or 2 away from beating it. If you ever played any of the Final Fantasy games you will love this. Its virtually the same thing from the battle systems to the maps and so on. I actually like this better than the past FF, 12 I believe it was.

    Call of Duty 4 is amazing... the 2nd best online shooter I have played (next to Starsiege Tribes for PC, if anyone remembers that game). But since you ruled out shooters than forget it :p This game can be very fast paced with lots of movement.. unless you wanna "camp" or snipe. Anyway,

    NBA2k8 IMO is the basketball game to get between this and Live.

    EDIT: BTW, for those "Red Circles of Death" I have never encountered anything of the sort. My xbox has froze one time, and one time only. No red circles though.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 comes out late April (28th I think). I have my copy paid for already.
  20. Rackat

    Rackat Active Member

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    I've been a PC gamer for years. I've been considering buying a console. I've heard good and bad about XBox and PS3. So, which one has better online game play, and which would you recommend over all?

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