New York Giants Keeping Close Eye on University at Albany Quarterback Dan Di Lella

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    March 27th, 2012 at 1:59 PM
    By Dan Benton
    The New York Giants love developmental quarterbacks. They see eventual value in them as backups and/or potential trade pieces, and haven't been shy about drafting or signing them. In 2004, they signed undrafted rookie free agent Jared Lorenzen out of Kentucky. During the 2008 NFL Draft, the team selected Andre Woodson, also out of Kentucky, in the 6th round. And we all know about how they've held onto Ryan Perrilloux, whom they initially signed on January 13th, 2011. More recently, they've been keeping a close eye on University at Albany quarterback Dan Di Lella.

    On March 8th, Di Lella participated at Fordham's Pro Day, and really wowed the scouts in attendance. Among them was a Big Blue scout. "Di Lella looks just as good if not better than guys like Aaron Corp of Richmond, and Bo Levi Mitchell of Eastern Washington," the scout said.

    Despite tremendous success at Albany, the 6'5'', 225 lbs. local prospect didn't initially think about the NFL in his future plans. It wasn't until the Arizona Cardinals called requesting game tape that he realized he had a chance to reach the next level. And despite rapidly shooting up the draft boards, Di Lella seems content in the event that he goes undrafted.
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    dandelion ... really
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    Well, I can sleep better tonight knowing who the Giants may draft in the seventh round.
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    Wow, I live in Albany and there is zero buzz on the guy.
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    Where? Do you live in Albany or the surrounding area like Bethlehelm or Guilderland? I am only asking because I lived about 40 minutes away from Albany.
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    upstate NY in the house :bow:
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    Trying to remember the last time they traded one.
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    Well they already have the best QB in the galaxy, so why not use a 7th on him. He can be the guy that holds Eli's cap on the sidelines.


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