New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ScipioCowboy, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Clove

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    That kinda makes me feel bad, let me get through the off season and see how I feel. Because I'm seriously sick when we keep having losing seasons and I just can't do it anymore. This team has worn me down and taken the joy out of watching, but I'm stuck because I've been a fan for 34 years and I'll be a fan till death.
  2. blue knights

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    i woulda loved to see someone tackle tynes after the way he was running around after that kick, it was 31 not 61 yards
  3. vlad

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    To all those saying the Giants are lucky, come on...that's that p**** attitude that has our organization's current state written all over it. They deserve it, that's a hell of a team.

    If our team made a similar run some people on our board would claim half the team would be heading for the HOF.

    Well, I hope Patriots get some revenge, because damn, I hate the Giants.

    IAMKING Benched

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    Luck? They just played there ***** off for 4 1/2 quarters. Homers.... Smdh
  5. Westcoasthabsfan

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    I cant believe that.... the Boys had a chance to put the nail in the Gnats coffin, of course didnt and now they are going to the SB......
  6. jimmy40

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    I sure hope there were plenty of fans in the stands that were there for "The Catch".
  7. dboy214

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    yeah you're right. i'm talking from the prespective of them getting calls from the refs.

    the refs GAVE THEM the arizona game. if they lose that game like they were supposed to they are not in this game.
  8. OriginalNameGuy

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    Kyle Williams absolutely has to be cut after this game. Holy cow its not very often you get to point at one guy and say that he lost the game, but he really blew it
  9. yimyammer

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    I'm right there with you, I find myself depressed following this organization, but they're in my blood like family and I can't just quit and walk away, my heart won't let me, damn it!
  10. cnhnyy

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    Alex Smith has to be the worst QB playing in a playoff game.
  11. ologan

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    Only 34 years? Try 51....Lots of heartache in them years along with the good.
  12. goshan

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    Btw it was the holder running down the field
  13. Westcoasthabsfan

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    Not this game....Eli was average tonight
  14. cowboyjoe

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    well joe corrado, cowboylarry wants the giants to win the superbowl, and rub it in our faces for however long it takes to we beat them headup,

    cottonpicking cowboylarry :banghead:
  15. zack

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    Hate to say it but Giants are beating the Pats in the Super Bowl
  16. The Quest for Six

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    no that would be tebow
  17. nake

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    The Giants pounded him until he got the yips.
  18. Blackspider214

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    Matt Ryan says hi
  19. StylisticS

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    We let this team off the hook. Their season was OVER if we finished the last five minutes in week 12 or whatever week that was. BAH.:bang2:
  20. Romo_To_Dez

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    You know what? We are the reason in a way of why the Giants have a chance at another Superbowl. Or our team is I should say, because of us not knocking the GIants out when they had they had the chance to, our team gets to watch their Division Rivals in the Super Bowl. Isn't that great?

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