News: Newbury: Cowboys’ New Look Defensive Line

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 18, 2013.

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    And referring to the young guys: Lissemore and Crawford, as JAGs is ridiculous. No one knows how much better than can be now that they no longer need to read and react before attacking the ball. Like Jimmy's D, the DL now have carte blanche to attack first and read on the way to the ball. There is no way you could compare their play/production from a 3-4 to a 4-3. You just do not know. Heck, even Kiffin and Marinelli do not know for sure yet.

    At least Hatcher has experience playing the 3 technique and was fairly successful at it. Imagine how many more sacks he could have racked up if he did not have to read first before rushing the passer. And everyone seems to forget Brian Price, he is someone who could play either DT spot. The guy is zero risk if he does not pan out, big time reward if he does. And Marinelli has some familiarity with him the short time Price was with the Bears.
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    I think regardless if we were 34 or 43 we would have to inject some youth to the DL.

    Coleman, Spears, Brent are probably gone regardless.

    I think a healthy Rat would make a good rotational player. But clearly, we need to add some quality this year to the DL.
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    Coleman and Spears issues are not related to the scheme!

    Lissemore's size (6-3, 303) is more of the prototype DT in Kiffin's scheme than either a 3-4 DE (prototype = Watt 6-6, 295) or 3-4 NT (prototype = 320 lbs or more).

    The 3-4 OLBs (Ware, Spencer), 3-4 DEs and 3-4 NTs all project to DL in the 4-3. That is 5 spots reduced to 4. This results in 1 less DL position to fill not 1 more.
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    Hatcher had a career year in 2012.

    Is Crawford more proven in the 3-4 after 1 year?

    If true, how is it relative to the change to the 4-3?

    You have not shown where any of them would be worse due specifically to the change in defenses.

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