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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DaBoys4Life, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Hatcher and Spears are FA next year why not draft the best player on the board, besides our rotation would be sick. Think of Jimmy Jones, Tony Tolbert, Haley, Maryland, Lett, Jim Jeffcoat, Tony Cassilas and Chad Hennings the 92 roster.

    Love the draft. The only problem I have with it is I would address the oline alot sooner.
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    If Dallas was faced with a falling Sanchez or Stafford or other position they'd probably try to trade the pick for more value as they did when Quinn fell.

    Generally if you don't really want the best player available the best thing to do is trade down.

    51 is a bit different from most Cowboys 2nd round selections because it is their first of the draft. They NEED to get good value also a guy who can help NOW. They'll expect a guy who can help AT LEAST as much as Martellus Bennett did last year as our 3rd highest selection.
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    This would be fine except we run a 3-4 Defense.

    We need an OLB and if you take one at 51 it doesn't surprise me at all.

    But does anyone even know who is the best NFL 3-4 DE???

    We all have guys we love for various reasons and like say Antoine Cason this guy could be a real star in the league at some point. But just as Cason was drafted to be a 2nd CB for a team who plays more zone than we want to, Gilbert will be drafted by a team who plays a 4-3 and can line him up where he truly fits as a quick DT that can shoot gaps like LaRoi Glover.

    He has wayyy more value. If he is the BPA at 51 it will be as a value to 4-3 teams.

    3-4 DEs are going to be asked to hold up tackles and guards and basically make a path for Ware/Spencer/Ellis or hopefully a draftee.

    We already liberally rotate in Bowen and Hatcher. We have 4 very solid DEs and will very likely carry 4 into the season. If Gilbert were to fall into round 3 or 4 I think we'd have to consider him but not at 51.

    He's just a guy who will be really good elsewhere; as was Antoine Cason.

    And the reason we didn't take Mendenhall instead of Felix is the exact same: It is about system fit. Not every guy has the same value to every team.
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    Again we run a 3-4 defense and do not carry that many DL into the season.

    Our best DL came from a 7th round pick. We will not use a 2nd there. That is one of the few things about this draft I will guarantee you. The difference between Canty as a 4th, Hatcher as a 3rd, Ratliff as a 7th and Spears as a 1st is actually minimal. Partially because the job required of them is not one that calls for all-world talent but instead strength and discipline and size.

    I do think we could grab a DL with a 5th, 6th or 7th depending upon who is there.
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    I would also be open to trade ups.If a good OT,safety or LB who almost got a 1st rd grade from our team is still available at 43-44 we can move up by trading 51 and one of our 4th rd picks.
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    because of the rw11 trade i do not think we move up in r2.

    we may try to acquire an additional r3 pick with a r4 and some of the late picks we have stock piled but I don't see us giving a r4 to move up 7 or 8 picks in round 2.

    we have just been too good with r4 guys lately.

    r4 is where you just really go BPA and we have succeeded there.

    this team needs more top 120 picks not less.

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