News: Newman explains fighting with Sensabuagh

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Recap for those of us on mobile devices?
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    Well, I've tried watching it on your site and on Foxsports and had no luck with either one.
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    yeah i had to refresh a fewtime on dc site to get it to come up.

    he says that the problem was that the defensive play calls were comin in late, and so in turn sensabaugh wasnt having enough time to relay the play to him. mentioned that on a few of the prior plays he didnt know the call at all and was just out there playing.

    on a side note, he mentions there are snipers at the games? is that true? (when he was talking about the power outage and potential causes he mentioned that once the lights were out he was worried becuase he about the snipers in the stadium. Law enforcement sniprs, for clarity.)

    and also, he says that barring injury Dez will be a hall of famer.
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    Newman; i am good u?

    newman; on wade being fired, after loss to green bay, jerry had like the last straw and see if jason can get the ship righted, we felt bad for most part, because of what we havent been doing, sometimes chance is necessary

    newman, he layed everything out first day, very detailed and goal oriented and demanded us to do things, execute in practice and in games, out there, like guys jump, saying we cant have that, get another guy in there, same thing on defense, coaching it all;

    newman; weve always had a good relationship, i call him red, because he is redheaded, and you can talk to him and he treats everyone fairly

    newman,; we were energized, we had effort in every game, but we just didnt get it done, we tweaked some things in game, and worked on some things to stop them we saw like in practice

    newman, dez is special, as long as healthy will be a hall of famer, you see what he does on the field, done that since day one, great ball skills, great run after catch and i havent seen a player like that with his skills since i came into the game

    newman; we got into it, we werent getting calls, 3 plays i didnt get call at all, so we all go over and gerald didnt get calls either, and we were mad, something stupid, but gotover it

    newman; we need to throw some punches at other team, not each other

    newman, im not surprised at all about jason, he is smart, ivy league, played qb, and u expect that, he is a football coach;

    when power went out; i was wondering if someone in stands in dark getting it in, and when lights came on was a fight; snipers in stadiums, even snipers cant do anything, so i got behind some linemen, number 1 thing crossed my mine, son of ben laden at it again;

    thats about it;
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    i posted it for u hostile;
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    I think it was ridiculous. Dumb and dumber type move by two vets...I really think Red will fine them and keep it under wraps. That high school horse crap cost us a time out......and could've come bAck to really bite us. Red will let them know.
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    Jay Glazer is awful. How did he get a show.

    Why are the calls coming in so late?
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    thats a real good question buddy :eek:
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    when he was talking about snipers, jaz glazer asked him, what 3 things went through your mind, when the lights went out, one of them was about maybe snipers could be at the game, but they couldnt shoot because of no lights

    also, newman said when they turned the lights on, one giants player was flat on the ground, face down, guess he was scared
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    I went to the 2nd preseason game at Cowboys Stadium last year. They encouraged the fans to stick around and watch the post game press conferences on the video board, so I hung around for a while after the game ended (although the ushers clearly wanted to go home and were giving us the bum's rush). As we were finally leaving the stadium we saw a bunch of big, tough looking cops patrolling the stadium. Then we saw a pair of soldiers in cammo walk by. One of them was carrying the biggest, baddest looking sniper rifle and scope I have ever seen (including TV and movies). I am completely ignorant about firearms, so I can't tell you anything about what kind of rifle it was but I can tell you that all of the cops were looking at them in awe.
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    Wow they are still on alert in the NY area. I was there about 3 yrs ago for New Years and they (Cops) were jumpy and paranoid. They wouldn't let me walk through a certain area to get to my freaken hotel room with my wife...
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    Shows how sharp Tnew is; first thing he thought of was getting behind a big lineman. good survival instinct.
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    Blame Campo and/or Maxie.
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    :laugh2: :lmao2:

    When I read that part, that was what I was thinking! Now, that's funny....

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    The Giants were in no-huddle.
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    Garrett will get that fixed. They won't have a problem like that again. The coach will make sure the signal comes in.

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    I actually think this is a good thing. I don't care if it cost us a time out. Its not the players fault for not getting the calls in. Yet they would probably be the one to be blamed if a TD happens on that play. If anything else, blame the coaches. They need to be on the ball and focused on what's going on as well and not only the players.

    Secondly, this thing where we were fighting is a good thing. I like when players push each other around and grab and claw at each other getting pissed. This means they aren't happy with what's going on as well and want improvements to the system. Sure it cost us a time out. So what? I rather it be just a time out rather than a touchdown.
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    Thats interesting right there because Steve Dennis said on Galloway and Company today that the player who did that was Alan Ball and Steve said they asked him either yesterday, after the game, or today why he was doing that and he said he really didn't know. He said all the lights went out and he just hit the deck.

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