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    Just random internet blogs, news stories and bits to discuss. :D

    According to ESPN 980 Washington's Chris Russell, impending free agent Matt Flynn's six-touchdown Week 17 game "generated a lot of buzz and positive chatter" in the Redskins' organization.

    The Redskins might be the Packers' ideal target for a sign-and-trade scenario if Flynn is indeed franchise tagged, because Washington has a documented history of making blockbuster-type moves. They've been much more well-run since GM Bruce Allen came into the picture two years ago, however. Flynn does make sense in D.C. because of his familiarity with a West Coast-style system.

    Source: Chris Russell on Twitter
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    The Canton Repository suggests impending free agent Matt Flynn could be an offseason target for the Browns.

    Beat writer Steve Doerschuk's story cites no sources, so his story appears to be more speculative than a report. He does a lot of dot-connecting between Browns president Mike Holmgren and Flynn based on Holmgren's similar acquisition of former sixth-round pick Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle. Flynn was a seventh-round pick in 2008. Doerschuk does report that the Browns are "weighing the option" of drafting Baylor QB Robert Griffin III with the No. 4 overall pick.

    Source: Canton Repository
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    Of course the Redskins don't quite have the receiving targets the Packers do.
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    I would rather the Redskins get Flynn than RG3.
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    Ditto. But I don't think the Skins get RGIII.
    With the new CBA and controlled salaries for rookies, expect a team looking for a quarterback (Dolphins with a new quarterback?) make a major trade up the board to nab him.
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    I don't think Flynn is going to be a good starter, that offensive system is just a well oiled machine.
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    According to ESPN 980 Washington's Chris Russell, Redskins ILB Rocky McIntosh "stuffed his bed with pillows/blankets to make it look like he was in and not breaking curfew" during the team's trip to Philadelphia.

    "It did not work," according to Russell. Perhaps things would have turned out differently had McIntosh had his parents call coach Mike Shanahan and ask permission to stay out later. McIntosh will be playing elsewhere in 2012.

    Source: Chris Russell on Twitter
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    Coordinator Mike Martz has resigned over "philosophical differences" with the Bears.

    Martz walked away before coach Lovie Smith had a chance to replace him. The philosophical differences couldn't have been more clear, as Smith had to reign in Martz's pass-heavy tendencies for a second straight season while turning to OL coach Mike Tice to protect Jay Cutler against the pass-rushing woes inherent in Martz's scheme. We suspect Tice will be the favorite to replace Martz as offensive boss. Per ESPN Chicago, QBs coach Shane Day is also out after failing to develop Caleb Hanie.

    Source: Dan Pompei on Twitter
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    That one's interesting. I wonder if Roy Williams will talk about how Mike Martz knew how to use him and try and leave.
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    Who is Chris Russell? A random Packers or Redskins fan? I only ask because the idea of a team franchising a backup quarterback borders on insanity unless I am missing something.

    If they were to franchise Flynn, his salary would be the average of the top five starting quarterbacks .. meaning he would get a HUGE pay raise.

    For the Packers to entice him to sign a multi-year contract AFTER franchising him, they would have to offer him a huge contract and a lot of money upfront and all of the upfront money would apply immediately toward their 2012 salary cap if they traded him.

    If they franchise him and offer him a backup contract, he simply refuses and accepts the franchise tag and enormous one-year salary as any backup player would.

    Now the Packers could simply sign him to a more cap and trade-friendly contract without franchising him and then trade him, but to suggest a team would place the franchise tag on a backup player who might never see the field in 2012 is ridiculous.

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    Russell is the insider for the Redskins.
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    Reality, the Patriots did the same thing with Cassel before trading him to the Chiefs.

    Edit-i don't see that happening tho. Packers will need the franchise tag for Finley.
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    Dear Redskins,

    Flynn is AMAZING!!! Sell the house to get him!
  15. Reality

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    Cassel was different though as he played an entire season. He was the starting quarterback for an entire season. Yes he would have been the backup the next season when Brady returned, but I can see the logic in franchising a starting quarterback that has proven to the league he's a NFL starting quarterback. In Flynn's case, he had one good game against a team with no defense.

    The Patriots also had the cap hit to absorb the franchise tag salary if they had to. In the post-new-CBA era, most teams are already going to be pushed for cap dollars given the CBA-required minimum spending requirements and while the Packers may have the room this year, that money would be much better spent on extending their 2013 free agents during or prior to the 2012 season so that after next season, they have fewer extensions to worry about for the 2013 year. That would especially be the case if they have several contracts ending at the same time in the next couple of seasons.

    I do not know the new CBA rules regarding relinquishing a franchise tag on a player so I don't know how easy it would be or if it is even allowed. If they could temporarily tag him and then gauge market interest AND they do not need to tag any other player, then I could see a benefit to franchising Flynn at least temporarily.

    That being said, no team is going to want to pay Flynn upfront money that would match his $15 million or so franchise salary so Flynn would be an idiot to sign a long term contract unless a team guaranteed him the same money upfront or a lot more money over time. If you were guaranteed $15 million, would you sign a contract with another team that paid you less money in the first year unless the contract included a lot more guaranteed money over the first 2-3 years? If Flynn is franchised and he takes the $15 million pay day, he can then be a free agent in 2013 and sign a new contract with upfront money. Meaning going the franchise route, Flynn could easily earn $15 million in 2012 and $10 million (signing bonus and minimum salary) in 2013.

    All this for a guy who has barely played in the NFL. As impressive as he was last weekend, that would worry me if I was an NFL team no matter the offer.

    Now if a team can franchise tag a player and remove it later, then that changes everything. Again, I don't know the rules regarding that area since the new CBA kicked in.

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    No kidding. And then sit back and wait while NFL defenses build a book on the kid. He could be the next great prospect, next seasons darling for the 6 weeks or so it will take defensive coordinators to find his tendencies and weaknesses.

    One game is nowhere near the book needed on the guy to begin crazy talk like "If the Packers put the franchise tag on him."

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    Multiple sources tell the San Diego Union-Tribune that the Chargers are "unlikely" to place the franchise tag on free agent Vincent Jackson.

    The Bolts don't want to allocate $13 million for one player when they need several offensive line upgrades, a new pass rusher, and potentially a new strong safety. "We will have some significant personnel changes," said GM A.J. Smith. San Diego's goal will reportedly be to lock up Jackson with a long-term deal, despite Smith's past hesitancy. If the sides can't find common ground, it sounds like Jackson could head to the open market.

    Source: San Diego Union-Tribune
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    Flynn was already attracting a lot of buzz around the league thanks to his preseason performances and word of mouth about how amazing he looked in the Packers' practices. Last week's performance just sealed the deal. Packers will put the franchise tag on him retain his rights so they can trade him. It would be throwing away high draft picks if they didn't. If teams will trade Day 1 picks for Kevin Kolb and the fat tub of goo formerly known as Donovan McNabb, they'll do it for Flynn.

    Shanny has long been rumored to be enamored with Vincent Jackson dating back to when he was coming out of Northern Colorado, and I would expect the Redskins to sign him if he hits the open market. They desperately need a #1 WR.
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    Might put a damper on any plans for LaRon Landry. I can see San Diego going after him.
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    The Skins and eagles are always mentioned in every FA available

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