News on Cowboys and Raiders videos for this week.

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by calico, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. calico

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    I am going to make highlight videos of the game this weekend but I am going to try to include more plays and some defensive plays. I will try to post the first half highlights before the game is over and the second half ones about an hour after the game.

    Last weeks vids will be deleted so get them while you can.

    First half
    First Half B
    Second Half
  2. davey

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    Thanks. Much appreciated.
  3. jacs

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    thanks for the Texans videos man [​IMG]
  4. TruBlueCowboy

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    Thanks a bunch for the videos Calico. If you're taking requests, :p can we get more run plays with the first team offensive line? I'd like to see more of the progress of our oline, especially in run blocking.
  5. Zaxor

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    I thank you
  6. J-Rod

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    Thanks.. Being in Australia I get bugger all coverage of the pre season games on TV here.. will be waiting patiently for you to post the highlights.

    Texan ones where great!!
  7. RatisBeast

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    Thanks calico, these things are awesome even for people than can watch the games live. This bud's for you..... :D
  8. jamez25

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    thanks for the great videos !
  9. AdamJT13

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    Thanks for the videos, calico.

    If anyone wants to make a video of plays from last week's first quarter (highlights, lowlights, anything), I'd sure appreciate it -- considering that NFL Network's unannounced schedule change kept me from seeing it.
  10. al124

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    thanks for the videos calico. man, after seeing those highlights i'm definitely more optimistic about the team's future with henson and j. jones. we might not see it this year but i do believe we're looking at a really solid team especially with guys like witten and crayton.

    looking forward to seeing the boys kick raiders *** this weekend.
  11. tuls

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    Thanks Calico! What setup are you using to record the games? Tivo or directly to your PC?
  12. tuls

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    bugger all? You New Zealanders are so funny! :D just kidding about the NZ crack.

    How in the hell did you become a Cowboys fan in Australia?
  13. SoTex

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    Many thanks Calico. Your efforts are really appreciated.
  14. calico

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    Its no problem.

    I have my digital cable DVR record the game and I also capture the first half. Then at half time, I start doing some quick, sloppy edits for the plays. Then after the game, I capture the plays to my computer from the 2nd half and then edit the videos.

    It will take me longer this weekend because I want to add more plays and possibly make videos of each offensive set and some defensive plays.
  15. tuls

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    Put that shat on DVD, and you could make quite a name for yourself on the notorious NFL black market!

    Your work is much appreciated.
  16. DLK150

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    Thanks Calico. Being one of those hapless souls outside the local TV market there in TX, I loved the chance to see some of the game without waiting until Monday. Much appreciated!
  17. calico

    calico Well-Known Member

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    I have quite a library of Cowboys games. From the 60's to present on DVD.
  18. The Fonz

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    welcome home mate ( are you related to Mat McBriar ?) :) :)

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