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    I love hosting the Jerry Jones Radio Show on Fridays because he will speak his mind.

    This morning on 105.3 The Fan, the cowboys owner predicted a Super Bowl appearance for his club.

    "I wanna ask you a question," Jones inquired to me and my co-host Richie Whitt, "How did you predict we would finish last year?"

    "Well Jerry, I did a one hour special on ya called 'Tampa Bay or Bust'," I quickly replied.

    "I have hope and feel that we a team where you could pull that program out, put it back on the air, pull it out of the achieves and stick it back up there."
    Bam!! There you go. I'll go re-rack the special and change special to "Miami or Bust" for NBC 5 to air.

    Listen to the call here.

    Oh by the way, the Cowboys have played three Super Bowls in Miami. The lost all of them. Super Bowl V to Baltimore and Super Bowls X and XIII to the Steelers.

    Those games were played at the Orange Bowl. They no longer use that stadium so that is a good sign for Cowboys fans.

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