Next man up bs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Falcon554, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Falcon554

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    So tired of this saying, this team is running out of players, would not suprise me if they only win 2 more games this year. Another year down the drain
  2. StarBoyz83

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    Pretty much. You knew it was coming. We were going to lose a huge player for the year any week now besides the ones we lost at the first of the year.
  3. CATCH17

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    I buy the next man up because it's not just the Dallas Cowboys going through this. It's all 32 teams.

    As long as your QB is standing there is still hope in this league.

    The problem is our schemes want us to outathlete teams. We're not going to out coach anyone so that's what will ultimately hurt us.

    I would feel much better going forward if we had someone like Andy Reid in charge of this offense.
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  4. Denim Chicken

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    Next fan up...
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  5. TheRomoSexual

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    Can't say I agree with this assessment least, with regard to the defense. Kiffin's D epitomizes "next man up" and isn't too reliant specialized athletes. Ryan's D, on the other hand...
  6. Future

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    All 32 teams do not have the same injuries to quality players.

    Ware/Spencer...what teams have the depth to lose 2 guys like that and not miss a step? Our secondary has been banged up a bit...had 2 rookie UDFAs playing safety at the end of last game. Now a future HOF guard who has missed 3 games in his career goes down for the season.

    I dont think there's another team with those kinds of injuries that is a serious contender.
  7. CATCH17

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    I was talking more about the offense. Defense should be fine since we're not doing anything special on that side of the ball.

    Most NFL players have been in a similar scheme at some point in their football life.
  8. Falcon554

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    Look how much cap is sitting on the sidelines, or on IR, then look who they have playing DL, then look at this old mans D, even at the start of the year all this D has been good for is getting turnovers, other then that its been a total disaster.
  9. Super_Kazuya

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    Next man up has always been 100% BS. However, the injuries we've had this year, even now, are not to the insurmountable level yet IMO. The injuries to our defense last year were though.
  10. GloryDaysRBack

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    next man up is definitely true...just bc this team sucks and the next man up is no better than the OP doesnt mean its not true...teams win championships with depleted teams...

    Packers were completely decimated
    Giants were depleted
    Ravens of last year had tons of injuries

    blame Jerry
  11. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Spencer is not a big loss.

    Ware yes but he wasn't offering much anyways hobbled. Sitting him is the best thing we have done.

    We're fine as far as players.

    What will hurt us is being predictable and not getting our best players the ball.
  12. Falcon554

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    But we sit here with JG as coach, a 1000 year old man as D Cord, and prob half our cap sitting on the sidelines.
  13. punchnjudy

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    It's frustrating. Only thing Dallas can do is try to adjust going forward. Fill the roster with as many C+ to B level players as posssible even if it means not going after a superstar. For example, I would rather they not trade a top pick to move up in the draft again unless it's a QB that they're very high on. And I mean *very* high.

    Having a good QB surrounded by depth seems like the way to go in the NFL. And, of course, you'll get some top tier players along the way (Sean Lee for example) without forcing it.
  14. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    Spencer was our best defensive player last year, by far. I think you could actually make the argument that, considering Ware's decline, he is the bigger loss of the two.
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  15. Ntegrase96

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    For about 12 games, but then got healthy there at the end. They lost a few TEs, but in the end they had everyone they needed.

    Sick of people thinking that they were burdened with injuries.
  16. perrykemp

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    I disagree. He was basically the best 3-4 linebacker in all of football last year and brought much needed nastiness to the defense.

    The team is on pace to have a historically bad defense -- Spencer would have helped a lot.
  17. Ntegrase96

    Ntegrase96 Well-Known Member

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    I would make that claim.

    Also, have to consider that his backup went out for the year on the first day of TC.
  18. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Ware was better than him. Spencer gets overhyped. If we was as good as he was last year for most of his career then I would consider it more of a loss. Since he is so hit or miss from year to year I think we haven't dropped off a lot there with Selvie.

    If he was a great player that was trust worthy he would be under a long contract. He's just not.

    Regardless. We're fine.

    All this team has to do is play to win on offense like they did against Denver. As bad as the defense is we're getting tons of turnovers. We're the 2nd team in NFL history to lose with a +4 in turnovers and I blame Garrett and his new whipping boy Callahan.
  19. fifaguy

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    its next scrub up at this point, just running out of bodies at this point.
  20. HoustonFrog

    HoustonFrog Well-Known Member

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    Agree. I'm so tired of injury excuses. Do they suck and derail a team some? Yes. Are they season breakers all the time? No. Green Bay won a SB with one of the highest percentages of injuries to starters one year. Teams do it every year. It is about depth and how your system works. Of course you'd rather stay healthy and have some regular practice time but overall, in the NFL, teams aren't staying healthy. I just don't like it because it leads to instant excuses. Maybe someone should look at how we train and prepare our players if we have such large swaths of guys go down yearly.

    But overall, if your system is in place and you can make the offense run, you have a shot. Right now, we have the play makers still in place.

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