Next two weeks are a bigger test

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasDW00ds0n, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Honestly, I think Hatcher is going to be the most important player, and maybe Hayden as well. Peyton deals with speed rushes pretty well, but if we can collapse the pocket and prevent him from stepping up, he tends to struggle. If we do that and the LBs and corners can jump a few of those quick slant type routes - which I think they are athletic enough to do - I think we could win.
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    Well, I know if we lose the next 2 games that every post here will be about how awful we are and how we're going 2-14 and everybody on the team sucks, so this is just spitting in the wind. But even if we end up 2-3, I think we're set up pretty well. We should be favored in six of the seven games after Denver.

    I think the SD game could go either way. They're not terrible and we're not great, it's on the road: anything can happen.
    I think Denver's just better than we are. We could still beat them: we've done it to Peyton before. But I'm not counting on it. (And Peyton has historically struggled more against 3-4 defenses, which we no longer play).

    Hoping for 4-1, thinking 3-2 is most likely, won't be panicking at 2-3.
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    It was a good week, everyone was pretty pleasant. The post game shows were not saying stupid crap either which was nice.

    Git home and then found out about breer Jr's hatcher romo story and just laughed. There is always something from someone.

    It's like we are not allowed to be happy.
  4. theebs

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    Beating sd is huge.

    I look at it this way, everyone saying we have the east set are nuts.

    If we lose to sd and Denver we would be 2-3 and if the skins beat the raiders they are 1-3 with two weeks to prepare for us.
    That means that if we lose to the skins we are 2-4 and hey are 2-3. It's basically last years scenario at turkey day.

    But, if we stay healthy I don't see the skins beating us at home this year in any way and I feel good about the chargers game at the moment personally.
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    So far at least, they've weathered the loss of Ryan Clady pretty well. And they seem to be holding up at C. I haven't seen any of their games other than about 1/4 of last night's blowout, so I'm just judging that off of the ridiculous numbers. But there should be opportunities there to get some pressure if we can make it tough on them on coverage on the back end.
  6. Future

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    Hard to judge the OLine too much based on last night's game b/c all Peyton did was get the ball out as quick as he could. Raiders tried to play man and they just got torched on the short stuff.
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    These next two weeks will be big for us, best case we come out 4-1 worse case 2-3. I see both games being a test for us to prove we can pull it out
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    If we beat SD, the media will promote this game as a SB preview.
  10. percyhoward

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    For me, the question is how will the team respond coming off such an easy win. The tendency has been to come out flat the next week. Another four solid quarters in San Diego would be an extremely encouraging sign.
  11. Trent

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    Beating John Fox means nothing to me...he coached the panthers...but what does mean something to me, is that we have beat an Undefeated Colts undefeated Saints team(the year they won the SB, I think) and damn near beat and undefeated NE team. We can beat them...Just gotta put some pressure on Manning...he is human, and can make mistakes.

    That being said, Our trend is, win one, lose one, win one lose we are on track to beat denver...:)
  12. CowboyFan4Eva

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    I agree.

    This league is all about parody . If we can play tough sound football, against both teams, i will be happy. 2 and 3 aint the end, Its a long season. Just keep progressing. Playing tough sound football......both games should come down to the wireless. If that happens......I'm good....

    i cant remember when the cowboys beat a tough sound playoff caliber team. They beat the miners last year, but it was early.....and the miners were just getting their groove.......

    Other then that game......the cowboys get manhandled by tough teams who smack them in the mouth. If thst happens.,,,,then ill lose hope again. But if they stand up and play tough and make it game make these teams earn it, Then.....ill still have hope for the season.....these are two tough games co i g up. Sd at sd. Rivers. And then the broncos...manning.....
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    If we beat Peyton then on Monday they will need to call an exorcist to the ESPN headquarters.
  14. InmanRoshi

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    That would be pretty dumb of San Diego, considering they're currently battling Washington for the worst secondary in the NFL. Putting aside accumulative totals (32nd in the NFL in passing yards allowed), they're fairly awful in efficiency (tied for 31st in ANY/A). They just allowed Jake Locker to throw for ~300 yards on them, and that was with about 100-140 passing yards left on the field through missed throws and drops. Locker's previous two games this year he threw for 148 yards and 125 yards.
  15. Gameover

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    We will not be blown out by the Denver Broncos.

    If we pressure Manning, we will win the game.

    If they win, it'll be in a final minutes drive.

    We match up well with them.

    Don't be scared because they beat down the hapless Raiders and Giants.
  16. 5Stars

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    Screw the Bronco's. Let the team get a road win first. If the offense plays like it did this last game? With the way the defense played? They better win this game first.
  17. Clove

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    We need to go in there and win both games. No excuses, I could care less about Manning and Denver. Take the fight to the bullies, stop waiting for people to hit you in your face, hit them, jump them, pin them down and make them a victim. This is how champions play, and it's time to start acting like a better team.
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  18. Sarge

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    I like to take one game at a time.
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    We're kind of fortunate to have these two early AFC games while the Boys are still ironing out wrinkles in the new defense. After these two games, three of the next six are division games, and the other three are conference games.
  20. CowboyFan4Eva

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    Good point. Win or lose. I just want them To them to pay 4 good tough sound football quarters,,,,,,,

    Wn both is a real possibility. One would be good. But if we lose both........i wont be too upset, if we play good sound tough football for 4 quarters.

    The packers and niners. Both 1-2. But u know they will be right there at the end, in the playoffs.......with a chance....because they are well coached tough smart teams. Like the saints with Payton.....and over the lg run of this season , they will win.....

    Barring a colossal breakdown by the cowboys, They will contend for the east. Wll most likely win it. Ill be surprised if that doesnt, we will most likely get our chance.........but if we just beat the so so teams ....and dont play the tough teams or games with a "toughness". It went matter anyway....we will get beat by the Vikings .....manhandled. Not evena contest, ......he'll im would rather not go.....

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