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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dfense, Jan 25, 2010.

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    For all the ragging that goes on about Garrett and playcalling etc. I just couldn't believe some of the horrible play calling in the NFC game last night.

    Sean Payton should get on his knees and thank god every night that Brees fell in his lap a few years ago. Payton's double reverse call was only one of his "I'm a genius, watch this" calls that he has made for a lot of his head coaching career. How about the obvious Brees sneak on 3rd and like the biggest yard ever? Even my daughter saw that one coming with no huddle. So did Pat Williams obviously. Time after time though, Brees bails him out.

    Then there's Brad, who seems to be real angry that the media doesn't think his team is better than everyone elses, as if it's just so obvious. Rolling out Favre on what could be his last pass ever when he's been gimpy the whole quarter. Same as running a stretch play right after Favre can barely walk back to the huddle. Why don't you just call a naked bootleg Brad?
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    and nobody has a better coaching staff than the Colts (which would include coach Manning)
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    Childress is a very cocky guy huh? wow.
    Im so happy he lost.
    Now i hope the Aints lose.
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    Childress took the ball out of Favres hands on their last drive of the 4th quarter. He was trying to run out the clock and play for a 45 to 55 yard FG attempt to win it. Not to bright if you ask me. He brought Favre in to win a championship then didnt trust him in the end. Yes Favre threw that pick but on 3rd and long with a possible 58 yard FG at stake but no way was Longwell going to make a 58 yarder anyway, he had to try to make a play there.
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    lol @ Brees bailing him out. Brees almost choked that game away several times with a chance to cap it. instead he fumbles on back to back drives(luckily recovering both) and allowing the Vikes to tie the game and have a chance to win it but than Favre bailed them out by throw that pick.
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    It was a close game. But not a "good" game by any means. It was very sloppy football from both sides.

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