***NFC Championship Game Thread 49ers vs falcons***

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by reddyuta, Jan 20, 2013.

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    And both losers should be hammered in that situation. Two turnovers in FG range, plus coming up short with a chance to win at the end.

    Playing well except for a silly INT in scoring range; playing well except for a stupid dropped snap where he took his eyes off it in scoring range; and playing well except for failing near the goal line at end of game. Sorry, what's to feel good about whether your name is Ryan or Romo.

    BTW, Ryan rushed that final throw...one more second, which he had, and he sees Gonzalez for the winning TD crossing behind the short throw.
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    I wanted the Falcons to win only because Harbaugh is a jerk and I wanted to someone to slap that grin off of Kapernicks face. But the only solace in 49ers winning was seeing Arthur Blank on the sideline looking like he was going to cry. Why can't these owners keep their rich butt in their owners box. Nobody wants to see them. EVER. Benson in New Orleans, Blank in Atlanta, Jerrah in Dallas, (he is there to coach there so at least there is a reason) and probably a couple of more. Stay in the box guys. We know you are the owner. We know what you look like. We do not want to see you.
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    Know what? Some teams (Lions, Brown, Jags) have NEVER been to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs were in SB 4 and have never been back. Some teams have gone and didn't win...multiple times (Bills, Vikings).

    But all of those teams manage to have loyal fans who turn out year after year. Sure, they probably complain at times, but I'll bet they'd trade for 5 Super bowl trophies even if they never won another.

    Some of our fans sound so darned spoiled, it's embarrassing.
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    Someone again tell me how passing is the key to winning in the post season?

    Ryan throws for more than 300 yards; Kap less than 150.
    Turner runs for 30 yards; Gore runs for 80.
    Julio Jones sets a passing yardage record.

    I guess that means Ryan's and Julio's team won.

    The Falcons loss because they couldn't run.
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    Yes. You're right. Let's live off our 5 SB's for the rest of eternity. Why bother winning again? :rolleyes:

    And who said anything about not being loyal to our team now? :confused:
  6. Gemini Dolly

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    IF Matt cant make the Probowl, who takes his place.

    is it Russell Wilson?
  7. hairic

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    Here are the two passer ratings: 127.68 and 114.78.

    The better passer rating wins more than it loses. Did it here, though?
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    Which team won the turnover battle?
  9. FloridaRob

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