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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RiggoForever, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. RiggoForever

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    Has anybody here been to an away game at an opposing NFC East stadium? I go to a few home Skins games each year, but often wonder what it would be like to go into a stadium where you are the minority.

    Have any of you been to Fed Ex, the Meadowlands, or the Linc with a Cowboys jersey?
  2. CowboyFan74

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    Not even the President would go to the link with a Cowboy jersey.
  3. aznhalf

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    I have season tickets to FedEx because I like watching football. Plus its a good place to take clients too.
  4. Ashwynn

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    I have been to RFK when it was RFK. In 1989, the only game we won, me and my best buddy, a diehard skins fan, went up there. No gear on, but I did not hide my fandom and made it known in pre-game partying I was all about the boys. I was not alone, but seriously outnumbered. I never felt in danger or anything.

    I would never go to oakland or Philly's stadiums. Others I would have to think twice about. meadowlands is one stadium I would like to visit. Doubt i will, but that seems like a cool stadium, crowd wise.
  5. theebs

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    I havent been to the link yet, I went to the vet three times, washington once and I have been to the meadowlands only for a jets dolphins game in the mid 90s.

    I just got harrasesed at the vet, so did my girlfriend now wife! We got destroyed all three games so it was to be expected. The rocky statue was nice.

    When I went to washington the stadium was half cowboys fans!!!! no problems that day.

    I have been to buffalo a zillion times and they are as rowdy as any stadium.. The old bills stadium when it held 82000 was the loudest in the league. That place rocked in the early 90s. I saw the cowboys there and got harrassed plenty......

    lot of fun.
  6. Jarv

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    I've been to the Meadowlands many times with Cowboys jerseys...No problems to report here. Also years ago to Yale bowl in New haven, Ct when the Giants played the Cowboys problem, but was a youngster...

    Outside of NFC east I have also done Gillette (and whatever the old stadium was called), Orange Bowl (Miami against Boys) and San Fran....All with no problems.
  7. RiggoForever

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    The fan base of a stadium changes so much when a team is not doing well. It seems like bandwagon fans for another team come out from under the rocks in these cases.

    We haven't enjoyed a real home field advantage at Fed Ex since it was built (before this year anyway). I hope it gets back to being the way RFK used to be.
  8. Yakuza Rich

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    Been to the Meadowlands to see the Giants versus the Cardinals (I just wanted to see a game). I think this was the same game that ESPN's Bill Simmons was at because I recall the same moment.....basically Dave Brown was dreadful the entire game. He then double hopped a 15 yard crossing pattern and a Giants fan in our row yelled out the F-Bomb, and then just stood up giving the double bird for about 10 minutes straight.

    Classic moment.

  9. gbrittain

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    I went to my first ever NFL game this year. The Dallas Washington Monday night game in Dallas with my best friend who is a die hard bleed burgundy Redskin fan. :mad:

    I know not one person gave my friend a hard time and he was decked out in Redskins garb.

    Terrible terrible experience. Horrible horrible game to go to as your very first NFL and Dallas Cowboy game!
  10. HTownCowboysFan

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    I went to Fed Ex a few years ago for a Das/Was game and had a fine time.
  11. Yakuza Rich

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    I've been to the Vet, but for a Phillies vs. Mets game. Complete dump of a stadium. I've been in the Georgia Dome a few times. It's a good stadium, but it's got to be tough to watch a football game there when it's 75 degrees and beautiful outdoors in October. The funny thing about the Georgia Dome is any opposing team that has any hope and any sort of a fanbase will bring at least 50% of the fans. I'll be going there for the Cowboys game and I guarantee 50% of the crowd will be wearing Cowboys stuff, if not up to 75%.

    I've been to Rich Stadium a few times. I downright loathe the Bills and pretty much the city of Buffalo in general (although they did bring us Moose Johnston).....but I'll give them credit, they have some superb tailgating.

    Heinz Field is pretty awesome. It's not as great from a architectural point of view as they like to boast it to be, but still very good. But the tailgating and the pandamonium leading up to game day is beyond tremendous. However, if you're ever in Pittsburgh take a look at PNC Park. I've been to about 30 baseball stadiums and that is by far and away the best baseball stadium I've ever been to. Too bad the Pirates play there.

    If I ever won the powerball lottery I'd probably travel to every Dallas home and away game and get box suites.

  12. maxsports

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    I have been to all 3 NFC east stadiums. The Vet was horrible. But their new stadium, the Linc is great and we never have any problems. We wear our Cowboys stuff there and we just get the normal harrassment. In washington, there are tons of Cowboy fans, so there isn't any problem. In fact Washington is a blast. (except for this past year.) And same with New York- No problems.
  13. AmishCowboy

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    Do not go to Phily in a Cowboys or Redskins Jersey, you are asking for serious harm to come your way. 2 years ago, I saw the only Cowboy fan with a jersery on get showered by beer and heckled the entire game. Phiily's new Baseball stadium is nice, as is Camden Yards. Pittsburgh 2 new ones are nice also, with PNC Park in nicest stadium, I have ever been in. Cleveland Football stadium and the Ravens one are almost Carbon copies and BTW, Yankee Stadium is a Dump. Texas Stadium not bad.
  14. anava

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    So, was the original question ever answered? :huh:
  15. theebs

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    Yankee stadium a dump? Say what? You are nuts if you think this. Yankee stadium and fenway park are absolutely fantastic.

    I guess I am different, when I evaluate stadiums I dont think in terms of comfort, cleanliness etc...strange as that sounds. I think of history, big moments in that stadium and the fans passion in that stadium.
    Yankee stadium and fenway are tops on my list of all sports venues for these reasons.

    I love texas stadium, It is a complete dump but it is where all our history, is, outside of the cotton bowl anyway. Every game when I am sitting in the stadium I always think of all the big moments there and the big games that were won.

    Fenway has the most uncomfortable seats I have ever been in but I would go to a game 100 times out of a 100 compared to the ballpark in arlingtons clean and comfy stadium. THere is absolutely no energy or passion there, and fenway is filled with it!!

    Anyway, I like the old stadiums and the atmosphere in them. I am going to try and buy my season ticket seats when the stadium closes in 09, I voted yes for the new stadium but I will miss driving up 183 and making the long walk from the public lotts to the old dirty run down texas stadium.
  16. Chuck 54

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    I've been to Washington to see my problem.
    I've been to Atlanta once to see the problem.

    I've been to Philly about 6 times over the years....only a stubborn idiot would ever go there and wear Cowboys jerseys, hats, or anything else. I always went with my buddy in basic clothing, and we were always careful with our cheering....worst we ever had was a beer thrown on us, but no one ever tried to pick a fight.

    I've seen plenty of Cowboys fans get their butts kicked badly in the stands of Veterans Stadium....Two in one year were unconscious and carried out on the shoulders of security....I've seen teenaged guys with their girlfrieds backed against concret wall and abused verbally and spit on...they were wearing Cowboys jerseys.

    Even tough guys would have to be interested in a good butt whipping to wear blue and white at the old Veterans Stadium or run their mouths much during the games.
  17. FRDRCK

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    i've been to giants stadium 3 times but none were cowboys games and all ended in giant's wins :mad: (98 vs chiefs, 05 vs cardinals, 05 vs chiefs) i didn't like my experience very much i hope to get tix to the cowboys game next season. i was going to go to the monday night game this year in philly but my uncle got sick and i was going to wear my authentic roy williams jersey
  18. ravidubey

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    Been to RFK twice, the "Cooker", and Fedex Field to cheer on our 'Boys!
  19. Hostile

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    All the games in Tempe, back when the Cardinals were still in the East. That's it though. Was going to go with a group to San Diego last year and all 6 of the others wussed out. What a game to miss.
  20. DaBoyz73

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    I went back home to Detroit in 2002 see us play Detroit in the new stadium (Ford Field). The girl at the ticket counter said that she should not let me in because I had on my Michael Irvin jersey.

    I had a great time at the game, and there were several Cowboys fan there with their Aikman, and Emmitt jerserys on.

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