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NFC East Draft Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Hostile

    Hostile Persona Non Grata Zone Supporter

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    New York Giants

    #32. David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech

    #63. Reuben Randle, WR, LSU

    #94. Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech

    #127. Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincinnati

    #131. Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn (Compensatory)

    #201. Matt McCants, OT, Alabama-Birmingham

    #239. Markus Kuhn, DT, North Carolina State
  2. Hostile

    Hostile Persona Non Grata Zone Supporter

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    Philadelphia Eagles

    #12. Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State (From Seahawks)

    #15. (Traded to Seahawks)

    #46. Mychal Kendricks, LB, California

    #51. (Traded to Packers through Cardinals)

    #59. Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall (From Packers)

    #88. Nick Foles, QB, Arizona (From Texans)

    #114. (Traded to Seahawks)

    #123. Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia (From Packers)

    #153. Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue

    #172. (Traded to Seahawks through Colts)

    #194. Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa (From Broncos)

    #200. Brandon Washington, OG, Miami (From Patriots)

    #229. Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas State (From Falcons)
  3. Hostile

    Hostile Persona Non Grata Zone Supporter

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    Washington Redskins

    #2. Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor (From Rams)

    #69. (Traded to Bills)

    #71. Josh LeRibeus, OG, SMU (From Bills)

    #102. Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State

    #109. (Traded to Steelers through Raiders)

    #119. Keenan Robinson, LB, Texas (From Steelers)

    #141. Adam Gettis, OG, Iowa

    #173. Alfred Morris, RB, Florida Atlantic (From Vikings)

    #193. Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota (From Steelers)

    #213. Richard Crawford, DB, SMU

    #217. Jordan Bernstine, CB, Iowa (From Bills)
  4. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Let me be the first to say, GET IT DONE DALLAS!

    Seriously, I look forward to seeing who our future Cowboys are. I know there is going to be great debate and borderline insanity to when some of these picks are announced but I hope we all can at least if we don't agree with the picks= we do agree they prove to be long time ROH nominees.
  5. jobberone

    jobberone Right turn Clyde Staff Member

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    Let the show begin.
  6. GroundUp

    GroundUp Member

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    Let's get it!
  7. rash

    rash Member

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    Might as well pencil in RG3 in place of that number 2 pick listed for Washington.

    Man I really like the way he plays; I wish he was on any team besides Washington so I could kinda root for him or draft him on my fantasy team :mad:.
  8. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

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    Fredd = :popcorn:
  9. CCBoy

    CCBoy Well-Known Member

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    ....an early, Championship!!:laugh2: :starspin
  10. muck4doo

    muck4doo Well-Known Member

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    I'm in that boat too.
  11. WVSkinsfan

    WVSkinsfan Member

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    Rash and Muck there still time for you to be a Skins fan then you could root for RG3.;)
  12. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

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    Yeah, they could do that, but they might be scared off by that mandatory lobotomy...
  13. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

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    Where in WV do you live?
  14. NeonDeion21

    NeonDeion21 Well-Known Member

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    Not a big fan of Wilson for the Giants. Bradshaw is a good player and there are some really talented backs in the 3rd-4th rounds.
  15. CowboyChris

    CowboyChris Well-Known Member

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    i kept hearing the Giants were having a great draft, i dont see anything special about it, Wilson isnt bad, the rest are so-so.

    Eagles certainly helped themselves on defense. probably had the best draft in the division.

    I cant understand Washington, they paid a kings ransom to move up for RG3, but to turn around and take another QB 2 picks later? what was that all about?

    As for us, i was suprised that we actually traded up for a blue chipper for once, instead of trading down for lesser talent, and we got a bargain at that, im dissapointed with our 4th round selections. at this point i can only see one starter out of this draft.
  16. AmishGangsta

    AmishGangsta Member

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    I think the answer is in your own post :) Value. They could try to trade him for a pick in the future.
  17. CowboyChris

    CowboyChris Well-Known Member

    3,338 Messages
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    teams that do that are usually teams that are winning and contending every year, ie Packers, Eagles, etc etc, the Redskins, who have a limited amount of draft picks, should be more focused on aquiring some talent for their team. they spent a 3rd rounder on him, at best a break even deal??

    i was little suprised that Denver took a QB in the 2nd round after investing 96 million in Manning, but i can see some logic there, cause there is some health concerns with Manning. i still wouldnt have made that pick if i were Denver. at least not my 2nd rounder.
  18. AmishGangsta

    AmishGangsta Member

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    The Redskins FO think they will be contending. We shall see.

    Yeah, it was definitely not a popular pick. Neither was the RB. The OL however, have a chance to start.
  19. AmishGangsta

    AmishGangsta Member

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    This time last year, people wondered why they passed on Gabbert. I don't think he is going to be any good.

    I think the QB the Skins are going to regret not trading up for (and many will probably laugh at this) is Jake Locker (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPlx_7ZWBAY).
  20. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

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    You like Locker better than Griffin? I do think the Titans got a steal with Locker, he had one bad year and people jumped off his train. Philip Rivers was horrible last season but we all know he goes top 5 in every draft since he was actually drafted.

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