NFC East Strength of Schedule

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by NIBGoldenchild, Apr 24, 2014.

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    New York Giants - .467 (26th)
    Dallas Cowboys - .488 (18th)
    Washington Redskins - .490 (17th)
    Philadelphia Eagles - .479 (20th)

    I know this doesn't necessarily mean this will be the actual difficulty of each schudule, the NFL can't take into account the changes to each team's roster and coaching staffs. But shouldn't they base the strength of schedule upon where you finished in your division? Why is Philly 3rd in division but they are the current division champion?
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    It's all based off last year's record. We were 3-13--so that is going to drop the winning percentage of our rivals' opponents. The schedule is identical for our division, save for 2 games.
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    The fact Philly plays the Redskins (3-13) twice means the Redskins really bring down the average record for Philly's opponents (lower strength of schedule). Conversely the fact the Redskins play Philly (Division Winner) twice, brings up the average record for the Redskins opponents. Also you may note that the Redskins do not have the same 3-13 team to play like the others in the division which really brings down the other teams' in the division strength of schedule.
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    They don't "base the strength of schedule" on anything. The schedule is set by a formula. Other than divisional games, there are only two games that differ between division teams. Those two games are set up to drive strength of schedule in the direction you're talking about, but it's still only two games.

    For example, compare the Cowboys and Eagles SoS:
    They play 12 common games. The other four, with the number of wins by that team last year, are:
    Cowboys: PHI (10), PHI (10), CHI (8), NOS (11)
    Eagles: DAL (8), DAL (8), GB (8), CAR (12)
    That's 39 wins for Cowboys opponents, 36 for Eagles opponents. Thus, an easier schedule for the Eagles.

    In general, division winners will face easier schedules because they don't have to play themselves. Division trailers will face harder schedules because they don't GET to play themselves.

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