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NFC North Draft Picks: Bears, Lions, Packers, & Vikings

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Chicago Bears Draft picks


    Round 2...#49... Traded to Seahawks

    Round 3...#68 (from Seahawks)... Jarron Gilbert DT San Jose St

    Round 3...#99 (Compensatory pick)... Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma

    Round 4...#105 (from seahawks)... Henry Melton DE Texas

    Round 4...#119... D.J. Moore CB Vanderbilt

    Round 5...#140 (From Seahawks through Broncos)... Johnny Knox WR Abilene Christian

    Round 5...#154... Marcus Freeman LB Ohio State

    Round 6...#190... Al Afalava S Oregon State

    Round 7...#246 (Compensatory pick)... Lance Louis OG San Diego State

    Round 7...#251 (Compensatory pick)... Derek Kinder WR Pittsburgh
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    Detroit Lions Draft picks


    Round 1...#1...Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia


    6”3’ 235 lbs.

    Very strong arm, excellent size, good leadership skills, athletic

    Decision making, Turnover Prone, poor stat production


    He has the look of the prototypical NFL Quarterback with his size and throwing ability. He plays for a storied football University and even while in High School, so-called NFL expert Mel Kipper jr. declared that he would be going #1 in the NFL draft one day. That prediction may come true in the 2009 NFL Draft.
    Although QB Matthew Stafford appears to be poised to have a great season, the fact of the matter is that this is based on his talent versus production. Not too many 1st overall picks have a career (albeit just 2 seasons) in which their touchdowns (26) and their interceptions (23) were so close. His overall completion percentage is a subpar 55% which, again, is not going to set stat watchers hair on fire. According to the pieces of paper I have seen, he is an average quarterback.
    Here is what makes him intriguing. He is 17 – 4 as a starter, which is the most important stat a QB can have. Last season (2007) he threw for 2,523 yards and 19 touchdowns with 10 interceptions. He was named Captain as a sophomore, which shows his leadership ability…an important quality for a quarterback. He has the pocket presence of Tom Brady…okay, any references to Tom Brady are fleeting at this point, but the kid always knows where he is on the field. He is a very athletic 235 lbs. He will not blow anyone away with his speed like West Virginia QB Pat White, nor shed tackles like Florida QB Tim Tebow, but he can get first downs and avoid sacks with ease. To quote Gene Hackman from the movie The Replacements, “Winners always want the ball when the game is on the line” this accurately describes Stafford. In the two most critical games down the stretch last year, the sophomore had a 206.27 QB rating, three TDs and one interception against Florida, and a 186.89 QB rating, two TDs and one interception against Auburn.

    One last reason why he may go 1st despite his average stats: his arm strength. If we writers learned anything from the last several years is that NFL Scouting Dept. LOVE a strong arm (ala Joe Flacco) which was the first reason why Stafford appeared on the radar. He can vary his strong arm with touch, as he showed in a pressure situation during the Alabama overtime game.
    He is nowhere near polished, and all his intangibles are great, but he needs the production to make them relevant. This is a make or break year for Stafford, and if he can stay focused and injury free, he could blow up like JaMarcus Russell did or become the next Kyle Wright (former University of Miami QB) in which he has all the talent in the world, but could not get it done on Saturdays.
    Georgia struggled a little in 2008, but Stafford showcased a world class arm (cannon) and excellent accuuracy. Stafford looks all but certain to declare for the draft and should get drafted within the first 5 picks in the 2009 NFL Draft. He reminds me of Denver's QB Jay Cutler. You can't teach arm strength and Joe Flacco showed everyone this year just how important that is. Stafford looks to be a Pro Bowl QB with a year or two of NFL seasoning.
    Awards and Accolades
    • 2008
      2008 Pre-season All-SEC second team
      2008 SEC’s Best Passer by The Birmingham News
      2008 Lindy's 2nd Team All-SEC (Pre-Season)
      2008 Phil Steele's 6th rated quarterback (Pre-Season)
      2008 Mel Kiper's top rated junior quarterback (Pre-Season)
    • 2007
      2007 was Named Captain of Bulldogs (Team Honor)
    • 2006
      2006 SEC Freshman of the Week twice during the season.
      2006 Named Rivals.com's National Freshman of the Week for his performance against Auburn (11/11/06).
      2006 University of Georgia's Offensive Newcomer of the Year Award.
      2006 SEC Coaches' All-Freshman Team
      2006 Offensive MVP of the Chick-fil-A Bowl
    A second opinion: By Daryl Breault: "With another hot and cold performance, Matt Stafford is proving to be the biggest tease in college football. The positives are obvious: big and tall, rocket arm, a winner, and good intangibles. But the negatives are just as obvious: slow decision making, sloppy mechanics, hit and miss accuracy. I can't fathom Stafford as the #1 pick. Are we really that enamored with arm strength that we will overlook important flaws, such as his inability to hit an ocean from a boat?
    I just don't get what everyone else seems to see. He made a few nice plays against MSU. He was great for about, oh, 20 minutes of a 60 minute game. The first half of the game he was garbage. I did take notice of the one TD where he faked a short pass and got the safety going away from the receiver and then effortlessly hit the receiver in stride up the middle for an easy TD. That play showed his arm strength and the gunslinger mentality that pops up in him every once in a while. After that he didn't do anything to hurt Georgia, but he doesn't make them better. His positive traits do not show up every play, series and game. He just hasn't elevated the Bulldogs into an elite team nor has he elevated himself into an elite QB. He has improved every season, but he hasn't taken that giant leap forward that would make him a surefire prospect. Right now, he's a game managing QB with a wild streak that can be exciting and effective or ugly and detrimental."

    Round 1...#20 (from Cowboys)... Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

    6' 6" 263 lbs.

    Strengths: Blocking, catching, quickness, size

    Weakness: Character, speed, age (24)


    In many ways, Brandon Pettigrew may be the most complete TE to enter the draft in a long time. He has prototype TE size, is a ferocious blocker and relishes the role, and he’s a standout pass catchers with great hands. His technique has also come a long way this year. His stats are down (zero TD) but he missed three games with an ankle injury and WR Dez Bryant has played out of his mind and has been QB Zac Robinson’s most frequent target. If not for missing those three games, Pettigrew would be on pace to top his career highs in catches and yards. He caught 35 passes in 2007 and has 35 catches in 8 games this year so safe to say he tops that mark against Oklahoma on Nov. 29. Before we get to his (numerous) strengths, one negative really stands out and he will have to do a lot to overcome this in today’s NFL: off the field issues. Pettigrew was arrested last January for assault and battery of a police officer outside of a party. Character is such a highly scrutinized characteristic of players nowadays that teams are rarely taking chances on guys with checkered pasts. As far as I can tell that is his only transgression, but it’s a serious one and Pettigrew will get put through the ringer by teams worried about taking a chance on him.
    On the field, wow. He is not an elite athlete and doesn’t have the straight line speed that will blow people away ala Vernon Davis, but Pettigrew is the complete package in the Jason Witten mould. He blocks, he catches, he’s big, he’s strong; he is everything you want in a TE. He plays even bigger than his 6’ 6” frame would justify with very long arms and huge hands, he will catch any jump ball thrown in his direction.
    Many TE today are one-dimensional, either they block or they catch, most can’t do both and a lot of TE are glorified receivers. Not Pettigrew. Blocking seems to be the most important part of the game to him, at least from what I’ve seen, and he never shies away from contact. Pettigrew is a huge part of State’s 2874 rushing yards and 34 TD. He uses his size superbly to drag defenders after the catch and create mismatches in the more congested parts of the field. His technique, while still not perfect, has come a long way since last season and he no longer relies solely on strength and agility in blocking and catching. His route running has also improved though he operates as mainly an underneath option.
    Besides the character issues, Pettigrew does need some work with pro coaches on the finer points of his game. He still uses his size as his most effective weapon to create space, which is not a bad thing, but he will need to learn some new tricks at the next level. He does not possess killer straight line speed or incredible athleticism. Some have said he can add weight to his already chiseled frame, but I believe he is at his max weight wise and anymore weight would affect his already suspect speed.
    In 2007 Pettigrew was surrounded by some top notch talent in WR Adarius Bowman and Dantrell Savage and with their graduations the question became can he handle being the top option. The emergence of Dez Bryant and Pettigrew’s ankle injury made that a moot point but it will probably be raised again come draft day. Brandon Pettigrew is not Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates, don’t try to make out to be those guys and you won’t be disappointed. Pettigrew is not that type of player and that is not a bad thing by any means. He is a great talent with a complete game. He is not going to run 4.4/40 or jump through the roof. He’s not going to catch 100 passes or break 1000-yards. To those people who want to pigeon-hole him in that way, I say: LET IT GO! Let Pettigrew be Pettigrew and be happy with the most complete TE of this draft class, someone who can have a large impact on an offence without all the flash of Gates/Gonzo.

    Round 2...#33... Louis Delmas DB Western Michigan

    Round 3...#65... Traded pick to NY Jets

    Round 3...#76 (from jets through saints)... DeAndre Levy LB Wisconsin

    Round 3...#82 (from Cowboys)... Derrick Williams WR Penn State

    Round 4...#115 (From redskins through jets)... Sammie Lee Hill DT Stillman

    Round 6...#192 (from Cowboys)... Aaron Brown RB TCU

    Round 7...#228... Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska

    Round 7...#235 (From Falcons through Broncos)... Zack Follett LB California

    Round 7...#255 (Compensatory pick)...Dan Gronkowski TE Maryland

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    Green Bay Packers Draft picks


    Round 1...#9... B.J. Raji DT Boston College

    6' 1" 330 lbs.

    Boston College


    + Strong Hands, Versatility, Strength(bull rush), agile and quick, good in pursuit of the ball.

    Weaknesses- Experience, lacks ideal height, tendency to get too high


    Boston College DT B.J. Raji, whose first name, Busari is Nigerian for bliss, is one of the prospects who's stock is rising by the minute. Raji was dominant for the majority of his senior season and led one of the best defenses in the nation. Fortunately he was able to play this year because last year he had to sit out (redshirt) due to an error in counting his credits, which shouldn't hurt his draft status. Raji learned a lot about himself and what he was capable of during that time, he could still practice with the scout team and he soon was wrecking havoc on the first-team offensive line. Raji's weight prior to his junior season shot to over 350 pounds at one point. Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinski was adamant about B.J. getting down to the 320-330 range by the season's start and B.J. did just that. By the time his senior year began Raji was ready to prove to his family, coaches, teammates, and the rest of the college football world that he wasn't another lost prospect.

    Raji is the type of defensive tackle who can play in the 3-4 or 4-3 which will only enhance his draft status. Earned 1st team All-ACC honors his senior year while being the main cog in the #5 ranked defense in the nation. Boston College also ranked #1 in the ACC in total defense as well as 1st against the run to include one of Raji's most dominant performances against Maryland which they gave up a net gain of -6 yards rushing. B.J. projects very well to the next level. Raji faced some adversity already in his young career and overcame that with flying colors. He is mentally tough. Coming from a family that migrated here from Nigeria has contributed to his work ethic which he gets from his father, who is about to receive his doctorate in theology and divinity. I don't know about you, but to me that is just an added bonus for this young man. He knows what hard work is, so he will continue to get better at the next level.

    At the point of attack Raji has tossed lineman around at times this past season. Gets up field in a hurry and will pursue the ball until the whistle. Blessed with fluid hips for a man his size, has a pretty good spin move to go with his signature bull rush. Raji can control the line of scrimmage and read/react very well. Although his stamina was in question during his freshman and sophomore years, he has shown no signs of early fatigue during his senior campaign.

    Raji is equally good against the run as he is the pass. he lacks an arsenal of pass-rush moves, but that can be fixed with proper coaching. He also misses the easy tackle on occasion which also can be fixed through the right coaching. If Raji gets under the tutelage of a top defensive line coach and/or coordinator he can become scary for offenses to deal with. Due to Raji's lack of experience he would benefit greatly by this as well as being apart of a rotation instead of being 'the guy' right away. Raji was able to produce at a very high rate this year without missing a game. Raji is the total package and should be a very good player on the next level.
    325 pound (plus) defensive tackles with his quickness, strength and athletic ability don't come around every year and Raji will probably get drafted much higher than what most people think, he could even be off the board at the 10-15 range in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

    Round 1...#26 (acquired from Patriots)... Clay Matthews LB USC

    Ht: 6 ’3” 240 lbs.
    Strengths: Versatility, Size, Potential, Physique, Pass Rush, Bloodlines, Work Ethic, Intelligence
    Weaknesses: Experience, School/Teammates, Position


    Clay Matthews has NFL football in his blood. The son of Clay Matthews, who played LB in the NFL for 19 seasons and went to four Pro Bowls, and the nephew of Bruce Matthews, one of the greatest offensive linemen of all time playing for the Titans/Oilers franchise and a Hall of Famer, and the grandson of another Clay, who played for the 49ers in the 1950s. Football greatness should almost be expected.
    This bloodline of gridiron is apparent in not only his physique and build, but in his attitude. He works incredibly hard, is an excellent student both of the game and in the classroom (Academic All-American) and has done anything possible to get on the field. He’s played DE, LB and lined up on special teams (2 time special team co-player of the year in 2006 and 2007) and it’s that versatility that has gotten him most noticed by scouts.
    Matthews is perfectly suited to rushing the passer from a stand up LB position and has taken a sharp rise up draft boards because of he has also shown the ability to drop back in coverage. Matthews is a natural pass rusher with a good assortment of moves and counter-moves and can redirect and close with a burst. He is naturally strong and has an excellent punch, creating space and allowing him to combo it with other moves. He displayed very good instincts in coverage for someone who had mostly played with their hand on the ground and can handle a short zone without allowing big plays.
    With so much standout talent around him at USC, including 2007 first round pick Keith Rivers and two potential 2009 first round picks in Rey Maualuga and Brian Cushing, Matthews has only 10 starts to his name as a Trojan. As with any Trojan prospect, offense or defence, you have to take into account how much better than talent around him made him look. He is too small to play DE and will still be learning the intricacies of playing LB. He does not always attack blockers with gusto and will run around them.
    Matthews is a football player. He was born to play football and he knows it. He’s dedicated to being the best he can be and he has the potential to be very, very good. He’s well built and athletic and should make for a very good SLB and pass rush specialist but at the very least will be a good special teamer.
    It’s likely he has earned a first round selection along with Maualuga and Cushing and it can be argued that he could possibly be the best prospect of the three. He could go anywhere from 12th to Denver down the last picks of the first round where he would fit very well on reigning Super Bowl participants, Arizona and Pittsburgh.

    Round 4...#109... T.J. Lang OT Eastern Michigan

    Round 5...#145... Quinn Johnson FB LSU

    Round 5...#162 (From Ravens through Patriots)... Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina

    Round 6...#182... Jarius Wynn DE Georgia

    Round 6...#187 (from Saints)... Brandon Underwood DB Cincinnati

    Round 7...#218... Brad Jones OLB Colorado

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    Minnesota Vikings Draft picks


    Round 1...#22... Percy Harvin WR Florida

    Height: 5' 11"

    Weight: 185 lbs.

    Speed: 4.41



    Strengths: Speed, hands, versatility, run after the catch

    Weakness: Weed, Brains, Durability, size, route running


    One of the most versatile athletes in the country, Harvin enters the 2008 season as a Heisman candidate on a team that boasts a Heisman winner (Tim Tebow) already! Just as he did in high school, the versatility that enables him to do so much on the field also holds him back in being distinguished. With College Football being so popular now, all awards and accolades need to be put into certain buckets. Harvin is listed as a WR, but runs the ball almost as much as he catches it. His total yards from scrimmage is impressive, but as JUST a WR or JUST a RB, his numbers are average.
    His break out 2007 season saw him lead his team in receiving yards (858) while scoring 4 touchdowns and was the second leading rusher on his team (behind Heisman Winner Tebow) with 764 yards and 6 touchdowns. To label him just a receiver seems criminal. He can break tackles by running through them and keeping his legs churning, but needs to work on his strength. He has a second gear and attitude similar to former USC standout Reggie Bush. He gets the ball in his hands and just GOES. Although Reggie was stronger than Harvin, both have vision, speed and athletic gifts that make them almost immortal (although Reggie has been reduced to a mortal in the league).
    If he can stay healthy and gain 10-15 pounds for next year, he will be a high draft pick, similar to DeSean Jackson. The NFL goes in and out of fads…several years ago, after Santana Moss and Steve Smith (both 5’9”) blew up as receivers, teams started drafting smaller receivers in the first round, excited to find the next short weapon. If Moss, Smith, and now Jackson, can revive that trend with good seasons, Harvin may even go in the top 15.
    Although one more great season would pretty much seal the deal on Harvin entering the Draft, I hope he comes back. He has the speed, skills and attitude to jump to the NFL, however, with some extra strength; he could really stand up to the punishment that the NFL will bring.
    Harvin had another successful, albeit injury riddled, junior season. He missed several games due to a bad ankle, but produced amazing numbers in both the receiving and rushing categories. He almost split his stats equally as he rushed for 538 yards with 9 touchdowns and catching 35 passes for 595 yards and 7 touchdowns.
    As injuries have always plagued him since stepping into a Gator uniform, his Pro Day showcased his hands and route running ability to solidify drafting him as a WR/Return man. Then this energetic, charming, athletic football player tested positive for marijuana. How can ANYONE in this day and age think they can somehow smoke a joint and not get caught? The NFL Draft has been a national recognized “big ticket” event for a least a decade. Every prospect knows what to expect, including getting drug tested. This raises a HUGE RED FLAG on his resume. Already his short stature and history for getting injured pushed him down towards the middle of the 1st round, but this latest negative report will probably push him until the middle of the second round.
    Look for most teams to take him out of 1st/2nd round contention, with several teams jockeying to select him mid-2nd round based on his athleticism and hope that the negatives are fixable.
    40 Yard Dash – 4.4
    Wonderlic Test – 12
    Bench Press - 15
    Awards and Accolades:
    ü 1st Team Pre-Season All-American (NFL Draft Dog)
    ü Heisman Candidate
    ü 1st Team All-American Return man (Rivals.com)
    ü 1st Team All-American Return man (AFCA)
    ü 2nd Team All-American All-Purpose (NFL Draft Dog)
    ü First Team ALL-SEC (all purpose athlete)
    ü Second Team ALL-SEC (wide receiver)
    ü Biletnikoff Award Finalist
    ü Sporting News First Team ALL-AMERICAN
    ü First Team ALL-CONFERENCE By The AP (All-Purpose Performer)
    ü SEC Championship Game MVP
    ü AP SEC Freshman of the Year
    ü Freshman ALL-AMERICAN

    Round 2...#54... Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma

    Round 3...#86... Allen Asher CB Georgia

    Round 5...#150 (from Redskins)... Jasper Brinkley LB South Carolina

    Round 7...#231... Jamarca Sanford FS Mississippi
  5. Q_the_man

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    not as bad, don't know SB. per ESPN
  6. Skinsmaniac

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    That seems completely reasonable. Ok, not reasonable, but not nearly as ridiculous as I was expecting.
  7. dougonthebench

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    and he's yet to take a NFL snap.....wow.
  8. WoodysGirl

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    $41.7 Million Guaranteed For Stafford

    Posted by Mike Florio on April 24, 2009, 10:59 p.m.

    It’s done.

    The Lions have agreed to terms with quarterback Matthew Stafford.

    According to Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com, Stafford’s deal is worth $78 million over six years, with $41.7 million guaranteed.

  9. Q_the_man

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    I guess that was SB contract now reads 6 years 78 mil....
  10. Pabst

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    This is why you never want to draft in the top 5. Ouch.
  11. Skinsmaniac

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    Yeah, 78 million is pretty rough.
  12. stasheroo

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    Ladies and gentlemen, the next great NFL bust:


    Matthew Stafford - QB - Detroit Lions
  13. Goldenrichards83

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    Although I think thats a ridiculous contract for a rookie, Stafford will be a star in this league. Take Eben Britton with there 20th pick, have him sit a year and he will be fine in Detriot.
  14. Avery

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    I don't want the #1 pick - ever. This madness has got to stop.
  15. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man the NFL is seriously flawed... Rookies have NO business making that kind of money, I'm sorry!
  16. casmith07

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    Agree. The worst part about it is if he's a bust, the Lions are tied up by a guaranteed $41M. They'll end up in the hole for 6 years like Houston.
  17. stasheroo

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    As if they're not there already!

    This new 'braintrust' is every bit as bad as Millen was.
  18. casmith07

    casmith07 I'm the best poster in the game!

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    I agree that it's bad, but your statement is slightly untrue. If it was as bad as Matt Millen, they would've signed Michael Crabtree :laugh1:
  19. ThreeSportStar80

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    Exactly... If you miss on a QB, you're screwed.
  20. BraveHeartFan

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    41.7 up assured before the guy even steps foot in a mini-camp, hands a ball off, completes a pass is not reasonable. It's stupid. This is why tehre needs to be a rookie cap. That's just stupid.

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