NFL All-White Team

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    Granted it was 16 years ago but I used to live in Philadelphia... when I was stationed there from 86 to 88... and with the exception of the Vet :D the people there I NEVER had any problem with nor did I see any types of rampant racism.. even in South Philly where my future wife lived and believe me, most of that neighborhood back then was white... she lived 2 blocks from Geno's and Pats and the Italian Market and all that stuff.. I used to coach the little kids football there at Capitolo Park back then...

    What I liked about that city is people didn't mess with you unless you stepped over your bounds... and it didn't matter what color you were. You know the wierd thing was my wife (girlfriend back then) and I used to walk ALL OVER that city back then, from seeing a movie over on Chestnut St and walking home at midnight or 1am to our place up on Girard.. and NO ONE bothered us... I get stationed in VA and 3 months later when walking 4 blocks from a McDonalds to our house at 7pm and get held up at gunpoint...

    I know it's off the topic a bit but I'm telling you, Philadelphians, for the most part, are some of the friendliest people I ever met... and I'm not saying that to keep from getting hit in the head with a frying pan either... :rolleyes:
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    wow what garbage. jealous much? isnt mawae hawaiian or samoan or something anyways?????
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    This is the best I could do:

    All-White Team

    Danny White QB (Cowboys)

    Charles White RB (Browns)
    Lorenzo White RB (Oilers)

    Sammie White WR (Vikings)
    Dez White WR (Bears)

    Ed White OG (Chargers)

    Randy White DT (Cowboys)
    Reggie White DE (Packers/Eagles)
    Dwight White DE (Steelers)
    James White DT (Vikings)
    DeWayne White DE (Bucs)

    Leon White LB (Bengals)
    Tracy White LB (Seahawks)

    William White S (Lions)
    Adrian White S (Giants)
    Fred White DB (Jaguars)
    Sheldon White CB (Lions)

    Really lacking at OL and LB, but here it is.
 meant skin color :rolleyes:
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    can't believe this thing is still alive :rolleyes:

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