News: NFL analyst: 'Jason Garrett is in a fight to retain control in the locker room'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Wood, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Wood

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    2,438 Likes Received writer Albert Breer joined Elf & Slater on 105.3 The Fan. Here are some highlights:

    On Jason Garrett’s press conference:

    “I kind of knew what the central question would be. Is this Jason Garrett’s show or is this Jerry Jones’ show? I think again this shows you that it’s Jerry’s show and it still is. I think that puts Jason Garrett in a little bit of a difficult situation. Who is really hiring these coaches? I think Jason Garrett tried to establish over the course of the press conference that he had existing relationships with all the guys that had been on (Jon) Gruden’s staff in Tampa because that was another question there.”

    Read More: http://www.**************/sports/dallas-cowboys/headlines/20130216-nfl-analyst-jason-garrett-is-in-a-fight-to-retain-control-in-the-locker-room.ece
  2. Shiloht88

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    Since Jimmy left it really has always been a one man show. The same ringmaster has been running the circus. Nothing really new here.
  3. gmoney112

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    Wow, what a sensational headline
  4. Pandora

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    Good thing Breer doesn't let his opinions be clouded by any facts. World class journalism right there.
  5. DallasCowboysRule!

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    Perhaps but is it untrue? When you cut the legs out from under the coach he is inevitably going to lose legitimacy. I think we all know that Garrett didn't make these hires which leaves everyone wonder just how much say he has in the direction of this franchise.
  6. Dhragon

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    Breer was the best of them when he was covering the Cowboys years ago. Seems he might be slipping a bit.

    He is right that perception can become reality though. No matter what the truth is, Garrett might be derailed if the perception of him as it stands now continues to fester.
  7. burmafrd

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    if the perception continues that JG is a puppet outside of VR how long before it seeps in?

    And of course you have to add JJ's history to it as well. Wade was pretty clearly a puppet. The only one since Jimmy that was not was BP. So that clouds things as well.
  8. Risen Star

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    It was mostly Parcells' show while he was here. That's why the team immediately turned around.

    This isn't difficult to figure out. Less Jerry means more success. That's all you really need to focus on when it comes to head coach hires. How much Jerry will we get with this guy?
  9. visionary

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    maybe if all the journalists and insiders (even the best of them) are saying the same thing, it is true?

    i know board homers with 'inside info' know better

    but somethig to consider
  10. Dhragon

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    Unfortunately you speak the truth here. The less Jerry, the better. The more power and control the head coach has, the better. So, we have got to figure out just how much power Garrett has.

    The perception seems to be not much (regardless of the truth, whatever it may be). Even if Jerry had given Garrett alot of control and power, we could never know that because Jerry keeps doing interviews where he creates the perception at least (personally I think it's the reality but it doesn't really matter) that he is making all the changes.

    Wait, you say, that's just the media, not reality. Mickey proved it.

    Even if so, doesn't matter. Very few media people will side with Mickey. Not enough juicy tidbits there. So Jason will continue to be labeled as being cut down by Jerry and even those players who think otherwise, doubt will creep in that Garrett just might be a puppet and is playing on borrowed time. Hard to take him seriously, even if you want to.

    I think Jerry has doomed Garrett, if he wasn't already doomed by just not being good enough anyway.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    No, Jason Garrett is in a fight with the media who have an agenda to fuel incorrect public perception and throw him under the bus to sell tabloid journalism.

    But Garrett needs to be careful here. While things really are under control inside Valley Ranch, the minute he crosses someone, they very well may 'leak' an anonymous untruth to the media, to fuel the manufactured hate.

    This is all the more reason why it's important that Garrett surrounds himself with his coaches, like he has done this offseason, and continues to build his roster with the right kind of guys.
  12. jjktkk

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    Nice to know even journalist's opinions are like ******
  13. gmoney112

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    We all know what? The fans and media don't know a damn thing. That's the only truth we know currently.

    And how do people know that Jason didn't make these hires? He's an intelligent man and knows the importance of surrounding yourself with the best staff you can. It's management 101.

    The point is, the whole "Jerry demeaning Jason" argument is a wild goose chase based on pure speculation. The more realistic alternative is that Jason saw a chance to upgrade his staff with a defensive guru (Kiffen) and also one of the best current defensive coordinators in the game (Marinelli).

    If people want to turn the Dallas Cowboys into a soap opera so be it, but I guarantee the truth is substantially less exciting than many would like to believe.
  14. dargonking999

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    immediatly turned things around?

    oh you mean that 10-6 season where we got bowed out in a humiliating fashion in the playoffs? Then following it up with a 6-10 season, 9-7 season, and another 9-7 season where we got bowed out again by a team with no secondary?

    I guess it was mostly Wade Philips show then since the team immediately turned it around in 2007 and we went 13-3? Come on, don't be silly ...
  15. ManicDepressiveMan

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    Parcels should have been inducted to the HOF the day the season was over for getting a Quincy Carter led team to the playoffs.
  16. burmafrd

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    5-11 2002
    5-11 2001
    5-11 2000

    So getting to 10-6 and getting into the playoffs in 2003 is NOT turning it around?

    Show me someone else that could have gotten a team to the playoffs with Q as the QB and Hambone as your primary running back. And how many of those starters were even IN the NFL in 3 years let alone playing let alone starting.

    2003 might have been the finest coaching year of BP's entire career when you look at what he had to work with.

    In 2004 interestingly we still were in contention for a playoff spot until week 12. He had the team in contention for the playoffs up until the last week of 2005 and got in again in 2006.

    So yes he did turn it around. BP haters are like Romo haters; no reality at all
  17. arglebargle

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    Parcells, in his later career, couldn't manage much more than three years in one place before burning out. He had his own issues, he was good for a fast turn around, but no sustain. Man, his press conferences were just great though: He had those reporters walking bow legged for days after each one.....
  18. Idgit

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    People for some reason forget we barely had a winning record during Parcells' tenure.

    He did do an amazing job during that 2003 (?) season, though, McGyvering us into the playoffs with basically a pocket full of blue and silver lint.
  19. J-DOG

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    Albert Greer..seriously? He is no more informed about the Boys then we are. I follow this guy on twitter and he really reminds me of John Clayton. Which means he repeats the normal perceptions of the local media. And that means he is wrong about 75% of the time.
  20. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    Breer's one of the best around. I don't agree with him here, but he does his homework, and he understands what he's talking about.

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