News: NFL analyst: 'Jason Garrett is in a fight to retain control in the locker room'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Wood, Feb 17, 2013.

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    And we barely have a winning record with Garrett too. Problem is, Parcells started in a much worse situation.

    Instead of being handed a QB, a HoF pass rusher and a HoF TE, he went out, found them and developed them. Much more team building on Parcells part. More success with less to work with.
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    And the way it's shaping up, we won't have any success under Jason Garrett. Don't get me wrong I don't dislike JG but Jerry apparently doesn't trust him enough.

    I don't expect this team to improve that much from 8-8. We won't see Jason Garrett's full potential here in Dallas. As you know we won't see any change until an experienced HC is hired or Jerry gives up power. Obviously one of the scenarios won't play out. At least not in the near future. (Jerry)
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    Oh...I somehow think most of us know what the record under Garrett is.

    Re: Parcels, what happened to 'you are what your record says you are' again? It was what it says it was: 34-32 iirc, with 0 playoff victories. Team building? Lol.

    We can play the games about strength of schedule, strength of the division, injuries, and the like if we really want to, but the point is the same: we were a middling team under Bill Parcels, too.
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    trying to bring up facts will get you nowhere with the cult of garrett

    in addition to what you said, lets compare the record in the 3 years before each coach took over, as an indicator of how decimated the roster was when parcells took over relative to where the roster was when RJ took over

    anyone trying to compare parcells and RJ is completely delusional or an idiot

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    Perhaps, but we were a middling team with a lot less talent. That single point can not be ignored IMO.
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    What can I say? Some of us just expect more from the Dallas Cowboys than 500 football for 17 years in a row. I'm not in the business of making excuses for why our record is what it is. 34-32 and zero playoff wins v. 21-19 and no playoff wins. Those are the numbers.

    As for the 'Parcels had to do it with no players' argument, Look at the 2006 roster and tell me again why you're happy with the 9-7 we put up that season.

    Not every problem an NFL team has is directly related to the head coach. It's his responsibility to fix them all, but not every problem is his fault.
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    I just posted it, but we were pretty middling in 2006, with a lot of talent, too.

    There are other factors besides talent. Injuries and the opponents you play, to name a few. Regardless, this team's problem is not a lack of talent. And it's not its head coach. This team's problem is it turns the ball over and doesn't take it away enough.
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    Ok why would anyone think Garrett is trying to gain control of the locker room?
    Did this team not play hard for him?
    They were in pretty much every game this season with a ton of injuries and a crappy o-line that never had a training camp together. Criticize Garrett all you want about clock management and his play calling but I never got the idea that this team was quitting on him.
    And I watched more than just one press conference to form that opinion.

    Breer's opinion is ill-informed. He cited no sources or players to say that Garrett was fighting for control of locker room.

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