News: NFL: Brandon Weeden: I tried to do too much with Browns...w/audio

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Apr 6, 2014.

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  2. jnday

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    You are overlooking his entire point while making an attempt to be right. It is a matter of an older player being more mature and handling like a grown man instead of a 23 year old kid. The mental transition should be much easier for a mature man.
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    Copying is a huge form of flattery. I always knew you were my biggest fan. Smh!!!
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    You two take your love talk to a hotel room and leave it off the board.
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    I think Weeden knows how to conduct himself as a grown man but does not change the fact that what is taking place and the speed in which it happens in the NFL is much different than in college football. I'm sure in many ways Weeden is a much more mature man than a kid but unless you have been under fire in the NFL before you really have no clue as to what you are walking into. As a pocket passer he is not going to free-lance like a Wilson or Kap or RGIII he has to make the read find the target and put it on the spot. As a #1 pick I do understand a guy coming in and trying to do too much or force passes that he should not have. Weeden is getting a low cost look by the Cowboys if he can settle down and let the game come to him instead of forcing things then he has the ability.

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    I remember that beautiful pass hutch made to the right sidelines that was quickly returned for a pick six... Ahhh, like it was yesterday. Lol
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    Nope. Read through it again. And you are being entirely disingenuous if you think that the mental transition is "easier."

    NOTHING is easy, regardless of age.
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    I think these players coming into the nfl got to be in the right scheme, with the right coaching .
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    Hear! Hear!
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    Weeden is still very young in terms of NFL experience and that means a lot. He's not the only QB to have had a hard time being thrown to the wolves with an inferior team. With that in mind, I'm perfectly willing to give him a pass until such time as he's had a chance to prove himself (or not) with the Cowboys. At least he should be afforded a proper amount of time to learn the system and develop into what we'd like to see him be. In the meantime, he'll afford us a camp arm to relieve Romo of that undue risk. His signing wouldn't be a bad deal at all if he can simply prove to be a reasonably decent backup, given time to develop properly.
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    Tactful way to say "I was just a turd out there"
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    You say that now. Last night, it was a different story.
  13. ScipioCowboy

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    Weeden is going to rock with us. Just watch.
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    I am hoping we draft someone like Aaron Murray in round 4, but I don't see it happening, nor will he last that long

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