NFL: Brooks outplays Quincy

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dmq, Sep 8, 2004.

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    NFL: Brooks outplays Quincy

    The Jets may have a quarterback controversy -- a backup controversy

    Herald Staff and Wire Reports

    Former Dallas Cowboys starter Quincy Carter, the presumed No. 2 quarterback, was outplayed Friday night in his New York Jets debut by Brooks Bollinger.

    Jets coach Herman Edwards offered a clue Saturday as to who will begin the season as the backup quarterback to Chad Pennington in the team's NFL season opener against Cincinnati next Sunday. Pencil in Bollinger.

    "I think the clear-cut thing you see is one guy who is really trying to learn the offense in Quincy (Carter) ... whereas Bollinger kind of knows the offense," Edwards said.

    Bollinger, a former Grand Forks Central High School standout, replaced Carter with 6 minutes, 59 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of the Jets' 28-27 win over the visiting Philadelphia Eagles. Bollinger led the Jets on three straight touchdown drives to pull out the preseason victory. He finished 11-for-20 passing for 168 yards.

    Carter, acquired only 10 days ago, got off to a hot start, orchestrating an 11-play, 80-yard touchdown drive on his second possession. He threw a 9-yard scoring pass to rookie Jerricho Cotchery.

    After that, Carter fizzled, finishing with only nine completions in 21 attempts. He was intercepted once (not his fault) and sacked twice.

    Things changed when Bollinger entered.

    "You saw the momentum shift out there," Edwards said. "When you get momentum and hold onto it, it is a wonderful thing to watch."

    Bollinger could have nailed down the No. 2 job earlier in the preseason, but he got hurt and didn't perform well.

    "We've said it from the beginning," Edwards said. "He is a guy who goes out and makes plays. That's what he did tonight."

    As Eagles head coach Andy Reid promised earlier in the week, many of Philadelphia's starters sat out the game against the Jets. Most of the Jets key players, such as Pennington and receiver Santana Moss, played just two series.

    The Jets trailed 27-21 with 1:54 left and the ball at their 13-yard line.

    Bollinger connected with Ian Smart on a 12-yard pass and then scrambled for 8 yards two plays later. On third-and-2, Bollinger went to Ken-Yon Rambo and found the wideout for a 23-yard gain to the Philadelphia 44. Another pass to Rambo got New York to the 27 before Bollinger hit Matt Dominguez for 18 yards to give the Jets a first and goal with 30 seconds remaining. Bollinger proceeded to call on Dominguez again on the next two plays; an 8-yarder and a 1-yard touchdown pass. Doug Brien's extra point sealed the improbable comeback.

    "Half the fans left in the fourth quarter and they missed a heckuva game," said a pleased Bollinger.

    Bollinger didn't have any idea what his performance did in the coaches' eyes. "I just know that was fun," he told the New York Post. "I did my job. Now it's time (for the coaches) to do theirs."

    Edwards, after the game, said he hasn't decided who's starting, who the No. 2s are or the No. 3s are at certain positions and won't do so until this week.
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    Carter had been there all of a week...give the guy a break.

    Bollinger probably should be the backup for a while, till Carter gets familiar with the offense.
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    Do some folks here hate Quincy Carter that much that they're going to hold it against him that he can't learn an entirely new offense in one week's time?
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    All I was doing was printing an article. I have no opinion about the matter.
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    Yes. That's exactly the case.

    If he throws an INT it'll be posted here. If he fumbles it'll be posted here. If he misses a WR it'll be posted here.
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    I've wondered that same question for the past three years. I never understood the absolute hatred for this player.

    Why are we still posting threads about him? Why not put this in the NFL section? He's no longer a Cowboy. Move on.

    Sink or swim ... he's a Jet. Who cares???
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    The same kind of people who criticize Micheal Vick for not having won 3 superbowls already. They're hypercritical, and they never get enough being negative, especially once they've committed to hating some specific individual. It's how they identify themselves. Sad, but a fact of life.
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    Great point. I hate it how some people say how vick wont ever lead a team to a superbowl. The man has only played 3 years, rookie year sucked just like all rookies, 2nd year vick leads them to playoffs and has an amazing year, 3rd year is injured most season. Yet vick hasnt proven anything :rolleyes:

    Funny thing is that those same people that say that about vick, just have a feeling Henson will lead the boys to a superbowl even though he has yet to play a real game. Makes you wonder sometimes

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