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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by dcjules, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Is there anyone else besides me who saw the ESPN "NFL's Greatest Games" regarding highlights of SB XIII...The infamous "Jackie Smith" game in which the Steelers won 35-31.....Great behind the scenes stuff, honest comments which brought to light how the players really felt....BUT what really struck me was Bradshaw and Swann, arrogant pricks.....No humility whatsoever.....Dont get me wrong, the Steelers won the game, victor gets the spoils, but show some class....Bradshaw, " They (Cowboys) keep whining, but I never lost to em and if we played today we would win, we kicked their ***".....Swann, talking about how there our time when a player either makes the play of doesnt, of course referring to him making his catch versus Smith dropping his or Bennie Barnes coming up short.....Swann is so overrated in my book, but the comments of these two were very arrogant....Two other Steelers, Blier and Wagner at least talked openly and honestly about the game and outsome, showed true "championship" class....
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    Didn't watch the ESPN Classic but did see it in real time......what a game! I was sick for a year! That game was the start of my extreme dislike for the Steelers..........their waterboy even made the HOF! God help us if the Steelers when the SB next week. The Cowboys will only get one more HOFer (Smith) for the next 30 years!:mad:
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    that game featured one of the worst calls in postseason history, the PI that went against us when it was clear that if anything, it was offensive interference...the Steelers went on to score a TD on that drive

    the other thing that stood out was playing Randy White on kick returns...he had a broken hand and ended up fumbling on a kick return, which the Steelers recovered and promptly scored a TD on...I cant believe Landry had White out there

    put that with Jackie Smith's horrendous drop, and we should have won that game...they were 14-2 and we were 12-4, but we were better than them that yr

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    Yep, Fred Sewaringen-the paid off line judge who was later let go by the league.
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    True, but we did our fair share of trash talking too. I still remember Henderson's "C and the A" comment about Bradshaw not being able to spell "cat". So I really don't blame him. There was a lot of bad blood between those two teams at the time.
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    I hate that we lost the game but it was a classic game with 2 great teams facing off for a 2nd time. 1 or 2 plays go the other way and Dallas could have won the game but none the less this game along with the 1st meeting provided a great game for fans of the NFL. As a Cowboy fan I'm very proud to have seen this franchise play in some of the all time great games in the history of the NFL win or lose.

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    i here you. But ya know what they won the game. And they beat us everytime we played them in the big game in the 70's. i feel the same about those cowboy teams of the 90's as bradshaw feels about his team. No matter what those Cowboy teams of the 90's would have beat just about anybody. So give terry his and Swan the due they should get.
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    I actually own this game but have never been able to watch it.
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    You are correct about Swann. I swear this guy has NO integrity. He went out and said that Barnes tripped him - when in actuality, Swann pushed Barnes to the ground. Pictures don't lie.

    It just seems as though Terry Bradshaw got fed up with people constantly beratting him over that game. That is why he came out with that "Hey we kicked their ***. You better get used to it because it ain't changing."

    What bothered me the most was not Bradshaw or Swann, but Dwight White. He quipped, conderning the Cowboys not getting represented in the Hall of Fame, that Dallas hasn't suffered enough. Also saying how arrogant and beligerant the Cowboys and their fans are.

    He indirectly told us that he is one of those guys that campaign to keep Cowboys out of the Hall of Fame. He wouldn't have made that comment if he didn't.

    The truth is, Super Bowl XIII was so evenly matched. The fate of that game swung on five to seven minute span in the late third, early fourth quarter, when a series of things happened and the stars were lined up in the Steelers direction.

    - the dropped TD by Smith.

    - the BS pass interference call on Barnes.

    - the TD run by Harris when the umpire set a pick on Charlie Waters.

    - Gerela slipping on the ensuing kickoff and the ball goes to Randy White with his broken hand. Ball came loose and the Steelers recovered.

    - finally Bradshaw hits Swann magnificently for the final Steeler TD.

    That happened so fast. It was just a series of misfortunate happenings. The only well executed play of the five mentioned above for Pittsburgh was the pass to Swann. Of course, that also came at a time when Dallas was caught dazed.

    Just like the 1994 NFC Championship game when Dallas spotted San Francisco 21 points, take away those five to seven minutes of Super Bowl XIII and Dallas wins by ten. The same way that if you take away the first five minute in San Francisco, Dallas wins by 11.

    Yet, the Cowboys of the 70s gets so penalized even though they won the most games, played in the most postseason games, and been to the most Super Bowls in the 70s than anybody.
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    Oh..and on the Franco Harris run...Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters called a defensive play to trick Bradshaw...who fell hook, line and sinker...called exactly the play that Waters/Harris wanted...and Waters got shielded by the ref when he went to tackle Franco Harris.

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