- DeMarcus Ware not open to paycut, 50% chance he's cut

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Feb 9, 2014.

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    he may be able to put together another couple of decent seasons with 10-15 sacks. but history dictates that edge pass rushers deteriorate quickly (see peppers) and making long term investment is not the right answer. we can probably restructure, pay him bonus up front, back load the contract and get another couple of years out of him and lower the dead money in the future.

    but for a team, far away from championship contention, we should consider letting him go. it won't be popular, but it will signal a rebuild and end of Garrett.
  2. cowboyvic

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    I will ask again. let him go and replace him with what?
  3. TheCowboy

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    Crawford replace him if he can get back to 100%. Or Ben Bass.
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    So wait a minute, so stats tell the whole story, or you don't watch the games? And when was the last time those pretty stats(dink and dunk) got us to the playoffs??

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    Well ..... bye.
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    Point blank: You pay players for what they are going to do, not what they've done. 12.25 Million? Cut him!
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    The man will stick around, get healthy, have at least 10 sacks next year, and end up in the ROH.

    He was beaten up badly this year, but his weight-bearing joints are not shot, and he'll recover.

    There's a lot of pride and determination there, and he will overcome.
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    100% correct.

    As Branch Rickey once said....

    Its better to get rid of a player a year too early rather than a year too late.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I was embarrassed for him last year.
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    by that logic(i.e. not winning titles so shouldn't be here) we should have never drafted/signed any player after 1995.
    we should just not field a team at all.
    we also should have not had any players in 1991 because it doesn't matter that it would be a dynasty in the future only what has already transpired.
    it is an absurd argument.

    as to the Rickey quote....
    like a lot of idioms it sounds good but it doesn't mean anything you can follow to a logical conclusion.

    each player is different and you never know the end result of a player's returning until he actually does so.

    i get you don't want to pay age and you don't want to sacrifice future caps while being 8-8.
    completely fair and sensible arguments.
    but that is a decision a team has to make about it's roster and it does not apply to merely one guy.
    dallas has been going all in for talent and pushing cap space forward.
    ware is one of the few examples where they've done that and largely gotten their money's worth.

    to be honest i'd be fair more worried about the money given to lesser players such as brandon carr or sean lee.
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    Romo essentially got a 4 year extension for 68m. That's 17m a year after he was making 12m a year. Right in line with other top 10 QBs, which he is.
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  12. jterrell

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    The Romo and Ware decisions are basically the same thing.
    You either go for a winning team by adding as much talent as possible or you step back and re-build.

    If we could go back to 2009 maybe we don;t keep either way but no one had a crystal ball saying we'd narrowly miss the playoffs each of these seasons.
  13. Blackspider214

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    Or in our case, many years too late.

    I don't see what people are freaking out for losing Ware. He was completely useless and had about 4 simultaneous injuries going all year and is on the wrong side of 30. Which is never a good thing in this league, especially since his specialty is rushing the QB with speed and moves. Neither which he has much anymore. And now surgery is he being advised to do, he is refusing. Move on from him. Let another team deal with that. Take the hit and go forward and draft someone.

    I remember someone earlier talking about how are we going to find someone to get 20 sacks? Lulz. Yeah that was how long ago? He got about 6 sack last year and I remember one of them being a garbage one at the end of the game.
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    FYI I along with a few others have been wanting to blow this thing up for a few years now. I was strongly against the Romo extension before playing out last season. We'd be in much better position right now for a complete rebuild or at the very least a strong discount considering Romo's back injury if we had let him play things out.
  15. cowboyvic

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    Are you freaking kidding me? Crawford and Bass. what has either one of them even done? neither have proved anything. and you are asking them to replace Ware? you guys are sickening.
  16. TheCowboy

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    You asked, I answered possible replacements. Never mentioned them replacing Ware.
  17. cowboyvic

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    Good luck with that. the Eagles, Giants and Redskins would all be happy to see that move. get real man.
  18. Lodeus

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    Goodbye then.

    ^I thought it in that voice for whatever reason.
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    If there were 52 other guys that studied and played as hard as Romo you wouldn't be talking about his stats. Seriously dude your saying the Cowboys havent made the playoffs because he has the wrong kind of good stats? LOL Thats NOT RIGHT. How bout if the D stepped up and pitched a shut out JUST ONE against one of those teams in week 17 the last 3 years? HOW MANY SHUTOUTS HAS THE DEFENSE PITCHED WHEN THE SEASON WAS ON THE LINE? How many shutouts has the defense pitched in that fake "win or go home stat"? But yeah it's Romo's high completion percentage and high QB rating thats holding them back. :rolleyes:
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