Gil Brandt: Quick hits from Indy: Day 3

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    Quick hits from Indy: Day 3

    By Gil Brandt Senior Analyst draft expert Gil Brandt is in Indianapolis at the 2007 Scouting Combine. While there, he will file daily reports for draft-hungry fans to read about. NFL Network will also provide live coverage of the combine and have daily wrap-ups on NFL Total Access.

    Day 3

    INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 24, 2007) -- On Friday, 86 players were scheduled to report, and all 86 reported. Tennessee's Bret Smith, who had missed his flight the previous day, arrived a day late. At the welcome dinner last night, it was Bill Polian's turn to address the players from a G.M.'s perspective.

    Today, the first group of players, which were defensive linemen and linebackers, went to get measured and weighed. While they were going through the medical process, the Dash for Cash started at roughly 9 a.m. (The Dash for Cash is what you might call the 40-yard dash.)

    The offensive line ran first.
    From Group 1, you had three deepsnappers, and Rick Leeson was the only longsnapper who didn't run (by his own choice). In fact, Leeson was the only player who chose not to run (others bowed out because of injury). Everyone else who could run, did run, which is remarkable.

    12 of 16 linemen ran.
    One did not run because of the flu, two because of injury and one pulled a calf on starting. Allan Barbre from Missouri Southern had the best time, at under 4.9.

    There were 35 runners in Group 2
    , and everybody ran that could. Four were excused because of injury. The fastest time in this group was by Joe Thomas of Wisconsin who also ran under a 4.9.

    One interesting note that people may not know about is that the league assigns rows for the different teams for timing purposes. For instance, Buffalo is in Row 1, Green Bay is in Row 12 and Cleveland is in Row 32. They determine the row by drawing names out of a hat -- which prevents any jockeying for seats.

    16 of the 17 tight ends ran today. Probably for the first time I can remember, one player chose to run, but will not do any position drills or the three-cone: Clark Harris of Rutgers

    Matt Spaeth of Minnesota had a shoulder operation and was just cleared to work out the other day, so he didn't run.

    Greg Olsen of Miami (Fla.) ran the fastest time at under a 4.6 (4.51). Michael Allen of Whitworth is drawing interest after running a 4.73 -- which is a great time for a man so big

    One of the things that will happen tomorrow -- for the first time ever -- media members will be allowed to watch the quarterbacks throw. They'll be sitting in the press boxes to watch, so they shouldn't be a distraction. Brady Quinn and Troy Smith are not expected to throw, and there is some question as to whether JaMarcus Russell will throw or not.


    Tallest: Dallas Sartz, USC, 6-foot-4 7/8
    Shortest: Sam Olajubutu, Arkansas, 5-foot-8 6/8
    Heaviest: Stewart Bradley, Nebraska, 254 pounds
    Lightest: Chad Nkang, Elon, 220 pounds

    Defensive ends

    Tallest: Jarvis Moss, Florida, 6-foot-6 4/8
    Shortest: Justin Hickman, UCLA, 6-foot-1 3/8
    Heaviest: Adam Carriker, Nebraska, 296 pounds
    Lightest: Victor Degrate, Oklahoma St., 249 pounds; Jacob Ford, Central Arkansas, 249 pounds

    Defensive tackles

    Tallest: Alan Branch, Michigan, 6-foot-5 6/8
    Shortest: Keith Jackson, Arkansas, 6-foot 2/8
    Heaviest: Quintin Echols, Kansas State, 328 pounds
    Lightest: Claude McBride, Tennessee, 277 pounds

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