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  1. XxTDxX

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    Grades for each player picked by each team in the NFC East and the average points per pick for each team

    Philadelphia Eagles:

    Round 1: Lane Johnson OT - 92.9
    Round 2: Zach Ertz TE - 82.2
    Round 3: Bennie Logan DT - 78.7
    Round 4: Matt Barkley QB - 82.0
    Round 5: Earl Wolff S - 63.4
    Round 7: Joe Krueger DE - 73.0
    Round 7: Jordan Poyer CB - 74.0
    Round 7: David King DE - 52.4

    Average Score: 74.8

    New York Giants:
    Round 1: Justin Pugh OT - 73.0
    Round 2: Jonathan Hankins DT - 83.6
    Round 3: Demontre Moore DE - 87.9
    Round 4: Ryan Nassib QB - 78.7
    Round 5: Cooper Taylor S - 54.6
    Round 7: Eric Herman OG - 51.0
    Round 7: Michael Cox RB - 50.0

    Average Score: 68.4

    Washington Redskins:
    Round 2: David Amerson CB - 74.4
    Round 3: Jordan Reed TE - 80.5
    Round 4: Phillip Thomas S - 74.1
    Round 5: Chris Thompson RB - 52.0
    Round 5: Brandon Jenkins DE - 82.9
    Round 6: Baccari Rambo S - 61.4
    Round 7: Jawan Jamison RB - 71.0

    Average Score: 70.9

    Dallas Cowboys:
    Round 1: Travis Frederick C - 78.7
    Round 2: Gavin Escobar TE - 79.0
    Round 3: Terrance Williams WR - 83.6
    Round 3: JJ Wilcox S - 77.0
    Round 4: B.W. Webb CB - 74.0
    Round 5: Joseph Randle RB - 80.6
    Round 6: Devonte Holloman LB - 70.5

    Average Score: 77.6

    Cowboys have the highest average score in the NFC east..

    Also Important to remember 2 of the higher grades for the Eagles and Giants were QB's that we don't anticipate will play in the next year or two.
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    There's no doubt we got some good players, even some good value picks. This draft is one of those that should look a lot better in a few years but the question much did it help for the upcoming season?

    If this team does in fact go to a NE style of offense and can execute it well, then the draft already looks better.

    If we continue with the same offense, then I expect more of the same results.

    My biggest gripe, aside from the lack of trench players drafted, is getting a project safety. I think there were a couple others that could start from day one, Wilcox is not one of them.

    Signing a FA OL will make me feel a lot better about the past few days. If we go into the season with only Fred as the new addition, then I hope for the best.

    Only time will tell.
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    You have to learn how to read statistics. Our average was only higher because we had fewer picks and none of our picks were lower than a 70. Keeping that in mind, the Redskins 5th round pick was higher rated than any of our picks. The Eagles heavily outrate us in the first 4 rounds and got two highly rated 7th round players. And the Giants got the best value out of anyone in rounds 2 and 3.

    That doesn't mean I pay the "ratings" any bit of mind. They're some guy's from some website's unscientific opinions. But look at the numbers before you try to take anything positive from it. The only reason ours was high was because we didn't have any low rated 7th round picks to bring our overall average down. If we traded away all our picks after the second day of the draft, we'd have the highest average every year. Maybe we should.
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    That tends to happen when you have a top 5 pick.

    Take away Johnson and they actually match up quite well.
  5. Risen Star

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    Round 5: Brandon Jenkins DE - 82.9

    Round 3: Terrance Williams WR - 83.6

    Thanks for the lesson on how to read statistics.
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    why did the eagles pick barkley,that one was a head scratcher.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    (didn't know what other thread to put this in. Notice WHO GOT the best grade. And know that Rotoworld is owned by NBC Universal and based in New York City.)


    Dallas Cowboys
    31. Travis Frederick, guard/center, Wisconsin.
    47. Gavin Escobar, tight end, San Diego State.
    74. Terrance Williams, receiver, Baylor.
    80. J.J. Wilcox, safety, Georgia Southern.
    114. B.W. Webb, defensive back, William & Mary.
    151. Joseph Randle, running back, Oklahoma State.
    185. DeVonte Holloman, linebacker, South Carolina.

    Overview: Owner/GM Jerry Jones' draft strategy seemed very needs- rather than value-based, spurning better players in favor of theoretical hole-fillers. The Cowboys were needy on the interior offensive line, but I'd be willing to wager they could've gotten Frederick with the 47th pick. Escobar can create passing-game mismatches, but offers zero as a blocker and isn't necessarily an upgrade on incumbent No. 2 tight end James Hanna. Williams and Holloman were probably the only two true value picks in this group. Randle is a stiff, straight-linish runner with an awfully long way to go in pass protection. I watched tape on him before the draft and found him to be a whiffer in blitz pickup and thoroughly lacking in elusiveness. It would be difficult to say with any confidence that Dallas' lineup improved with this draft. And they entered it with a mediocre roster.
    Grade: D

    New York Giants
    19. Justin Pugh, guard/tackle, Syracuse.
    49. Johnathan Hankins, defensive tackle, Ohio State.
    81. Damontre Moore, defensive end, Texas A&M.
    110. Ryan Nassib, quarterback, Syracuse.
    152. Cooper Taylor, safety, Richmond.
    224. Eric Herman, guard, Ohio.
    253. Michael Cox, running back, UMass.

    Overview: Much like Ted Thompson in Green Bay and Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore, Giants GM Jerry Reese is a best-available drafter. If he'd have selected his first three players in January and you didn't know the rounds, you would've figured he traded up for three first-round picks. Each player has a flaw -- short arms for Pugh, motor for Hankins, and translatable production for Moore -- but they're all great football players. Moore dominated in the SEC; 8.0 of his 12.5 sacks last year came versus conference opponents. Pugh permitted a half-sack of Nassib and otherwise didn't allow a single hurry. Hankins offers elite potential as a 4-3 nose guard. Nassib was a sheer value pick, while Taylor, Herman, and to a lesser extent Cox offer versatile, "multiple" skill sets and plus measurables. This draft gives the G-Men a needed infusion of young talent, even if only Pugh and perhaps Hankins are surefire first-season contributors.
    Grade: B

    Philadelphia Eagles
    4. Lane Johnson, right tackle, Oklahoma.
    35. Zach Ertz, tight end, Stanford.
    67. Bennie Logan, defensive tackle, LSU.
    98. Matt Barkley, quarterback, USC.
    136. Earl Wolff, free safety, North Carolina State.
    212. Joe Kruger, defensive end, Utah.
    218. Jordan Poyer, cornerback, Oregon State.
    239. David King, defensive end, Oklahoma.

    Overview: The draftnik community should love this group because aside from seventh-rounder King every member has a big name. They are all identifiable. The first two picks look like surefire hits; Johnson is an outstanding match for Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense as a well-oiled athlete with second- and even third-level blocking skills. Ertz can stretch the field vertically and creates downfield separation better than consensus top tight end Tyler Eifert. Logan and Barkley were odd picks because the former's fit is questionable in Philly's new three-man front and Barkley lacks athleticism in addition to starting-caliber arm strength. All of Philly's rookies look like good values -- particularly Kruger and Poyer -- but this haul included a lot of head scratchers. I still feel confident saying the Eagles' roster improved with this draft, and quite possibly significantly.
    Grade: C+

    Washington Redskins
    51. David Amerson, cornerback, North Carolina State.
    85. Jordan Reed, tight end, Florida.
    119. Phillip Thomas, free safety, Fresno State.
    154. Chris Thompson, running back, Florida State.
    162. Brandon Jenkins, outside linebacker, Florida State.
    191. Bacarri Rambo, free safety, Georgia.
    228. Jawan Jamison, running back, Rutgers.

    Overview: GM Bruce Allen and coach Mike Shanahan's draft focus was on ballhawks, and they came away with three in 2011 NCAA interceptions leader Amerson, 2012 NCAA picks leader Thomas, and Rambo -- who ranked second to Amerson in INTs two years ago. But Rambo and Thomas can't tackle and Amerson got beat deep more than any cornerback in college football last season. Both running back picks are potential throwaways; Thompson broke his back in 2011 and tore his ACL in 2012, and Jamison doesn't do anything well. Jenkins was a big-time sack specialist in 2010, but is coming off a Lisfranc fracture. Reed is a potential "Joker" tight end who could contribute on passing downs. Washington drafted a slew of big names and added productive collegiates, but I'm not sure they got more than one or two productive NFL starters.
    Grade: C
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    the eagles got better this weekend.

    i wish they had buffalo's staff picking for them instead.

  9. Oh_Canada

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    That safety might end up being the best player from this draft. Just because another guy can start right away doesn't make it a better pick at the end of the day. .
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    Averaging doesn't make any sense as late round picks bring down the average.

    Under this, the greatest draft in the history of the NFL would have been New Orleans the year they traded their entire draft to move up for Ricky Williams.
  11. NJ22

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    I think Wilcox will surprise you, but I agree 100% with the rest of this post. I base that on the fact that he is already a top 5 or ten safety in the country after playing the position for 1 year. What can he do by year 2 or 3 with NFL coaching? There are no UDFA's in this group as we usually have. I think they all will contribute. Just wish there was a G/OT and a DT in the mix as you said. I can't be completely pissed when they added quality guys through out the draft, I see Webb as a guy that can let us send Orlando and his salary packing, The OLB is a LB/Safety Tweener who has huge value in this defense. We know the needs for S, RB, WR, TE and C.

  12. AbeBeta

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    That'll happen when you have top 5 or so picks in each round
  13. Risen Star

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    That only matters in the first round. A late 1st is higher than an early 2nd. A late 2nd is higher than an early 3rd and so on.
  14. mmillman

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    I like how the draft turned out as I think other than the way they handled the first round it was a solid draft. I would have liked to see them go after a Barkely or Nassib. Not many picks stick after the 3rd round for any team but the qb can be groomed for a few years.
  15. FuzzyLumpkins

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    This quote is just dumb. Reese is a BPA and Pugh is BPA? The others are flawed but BPA AND great?

    Questionable motor and great. Big Bird time!!!!

  16. ThreeandOut

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    I think it's pretty funny that no one criticizes the Giants and Bears for doing the same thing the Cowboys did, taking an OL with second round value in the first round. But at least the Cowboys got an extra 3rd round pick for it.
  17. jobberone

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    I agree the first pick was a need pick. But I'm not sure what all this value crap is. We all know the draft is a crap shoot. All the media buzz about players is just that....buzzing. While it's something to talk about, I don't take these grades seriously at all and they rarely mean much.

    See you in three years then it will mean something. But it's fine to discuss....lightly.
  18. HoosierCowboy

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    Giants got a bunch of questionable guys (lazy,inconsistent); I don't see any of them being very good.
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    The Giant's draft didn't knock my socks off.
  20. TheCount

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    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    WHAT?! lol, we did exactly the OPPOSITE of that! The Cowboys draft was entirely value based, including the trade down. We drafted a bunch of players at positions we already have starters at because we had them valued highly at the slot we took them. Are you kidding me? Talk about ignorance.

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