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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by XxTDxX, Apr 28, 2013.

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    ....but I thought they did the same thing that the Skins did with Kirk Cousins last year: drafted him to trade for picks later on (2014)...only thing I can figure as he sure doesn't fit the O'
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    ha no doubt. I loved their first 5 picks. I tend to think Barkley will end up like all the other USC QBs but no doubt they got some good players. Definitely helps to have top 5 picks in every round but thought they did pretty well as far as value for picks go.

    I hate it that the Skins got S Phillip Thomas, I really wanted us to take him. No I have to hope I was dead wrong and he's a terrible pro that gets burned by Dez and TW repeatedly.
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    Good try holmes, but no.

    If is the authority as described here what Dallas did was pretty similar to what we all assume they did. Reach in r1 for an OL because it was a huge need but then settle into drafting BPA. They have nothing but players here. Randle in round 5 or the LB in round 6 could've been a round 3 pick with no complaints. Terrence Williams could have easily fit at 47.

    Dallas didn't get one of the top 15 guys which was a worst case scenario but rebounded nicely with great value for later round picks.

    It is asinine to say Dallas who found 80 and 70 scores in round 5 and 6 would've fallen off the face of the earth in round 7. Especially when there were many 7th rounders with grades over 65 left.

    The Giants took scores in the 50s from the 5th round on. Dallas didn't.
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    Yeah, sometimes these media guys let their biases get in the way, there is noway this was a need based draft at all, it was definitely value based pretty much the whole way. Frederick is the only exception (need is considered in the first round), there was some need shown there but they had him ranked higher than others did so he had value for the team.

    If it was need based you would've seen us reaching for OL, safety, and SLB....we ended up getting all 3, but they would've been taken earlier in the draft.
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    I think the Redskins number is kind of misleading, since they didn't have a first round pick which should be a an 80+ number to help bring it up and they took a RB with a mid 50s rating, which drags it way down.

    At this point though no one should really question Shanahan on drafting RBs in the 5th+ round.
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    redskins were also hurt a bit by reaching for a CB in round 2. amerson was pretty bad in 2012. pretty outstanding in 2011. lotsa draftnik folks like the dallas cb bw webb better than amerson.

    no arguments on shanny and rb. but he took 2 of them. which seems weird since you have a stud there already whose a bargain and a half. if he does "hit" on the 5th or 7th round rb he's gonna be cutting higher drafted guys. guessing this is more going with what you know.

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