News: NFL.COM: Kitwan: Asomugha, Jenkins would give Cowboys 'pressure' players

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 11, 2011.

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    By Pat Kirwan
    Senior Analyst
    Published: May 11, 2011 at 10:25 a.m.

    At least some Dallas Cowboys fans can see clearly what should happen when free agency opens. Most Cowboys fans I speak with believe there will be some house-cleaning when the lockout is over and significant salary space will become available for the team to be aggressive in free agency.

    The most interesting scenario -- and the one that is on top of the wish list -- is to go out and sign CB Nnamdi Asomugha from the Raiders and defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins from the Packers. Those two players would be key ingredients for new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan to turn a bend-don't-break defense of recent years in Dallas into an attacking package much like his brother, Rex, runs with the New York Jets.

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  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    Both guys are already 30 years old... NO thanks!!!!
  3. lqmac1

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  4. EGG

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    so who are the 25yr old FAs you would sign instead?
  5. juck

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    Perfect. Along with Michael Huff.
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    more blather
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    Should not sign anyone over 28. Only if you really have no choice.
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    I dont see Dallas making either of these moves. I would love to have the Raider CB though.
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    Interesting to note that cutting Barber, Newman, and Colombo would free up $15 million in cap space.

    Add in the likely $4 - $5 million that Sensabaugh would likely be looking for to re-sign (which I wouldn't do) and that's a lot of cap space to play with.

    With (roughly) $19 million, you can do a lot to makeover this team.

    Subtract Barber, Newman, Colombo, and Sensabaugh (or re-sign him if that's your preference). Hypothetically, what would you do with roughly $19 million of cap space to fill this team's needs?

    Here's mine:

    Nnamdi Asomugha - $11.5 million per year - big chunk of cap space for a big difference-maker. Takes away opponent's best receiver.

    Abram Elam - inexpensive strong safety option who spent has played extensively for new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan - $2 million per year

    Michael Huff - free safety finally hitting his stride, has improved each of the past two season. Local ties make this a logical match - $5.5 million per year

    And depending on the rules of free agency, the team may have the option of swapping-out Leonard Davis and his salary for a cheaper alternative as well. But until the rules for 2011 are established, I think his fate is yet to be determined.
  10. TwentyOne

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    Please explain how you add space to a possible cap from a player we havent signed yet and therefore has no cap hit.
  11. stasheroo

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    My thinking is that it would cost $4 - $5 million to sign Sensabaugh if the team or us couch GM's were to go that route. That transaction would be separate from those mentioned here.

    The crux of my point is that I would rather pay Asomugha and go cheaper at SS.

    In a nutshell, I'd prefer Asomugha, Huff, Elam to Newman, Sensabaugh, Huff.
  12. ShiningStar

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    Agent HandBook 101: During Free Agency, float the Dallas Cowboys name a lot.

    Agent HandBook 102: If that doesnt work, go to the Washington Redskins.
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    Like the saying goes, you can't solve all your problem in the draft in one year. So what is wrong in signing Jenkins and Asomugha. Sure both would be 5 year contracts. Sure both will be 30 when the season starts.

    But both would more than likely be playing on a high level at least the next 3 years. It would give you time to draft another CB in the 1st or 2nd round next year when picking are better and probably to find a DE or two that also fit what you need.

    We also need to look at the safety position where Huff/Weddle/Landry would be an option as would Elam. Seriously believe that we could get Huff and Elam for a total of $6 mil a year.

    We also need a starting LG or RG and my vote would be Gallery or Davin Joseph. You plug either of those guys in and our OLine becomes one of the best in the NFL.

    Now can Jerry sign two or three or more free agents, who knows because much will depend on the new CBA and the salary cap but I do believe it is safe to say that the new cap will be at least $141 mil or more.

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