NFL.COM: Michael Jordan and Chris Paul are mentoring Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 19, 2013.

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    MJ was a gambler but he was not a degenerate. It is not like he bet on NBA games it isn't like he went in to debt. I guess you are one of those that hated Michael. MJ with all his warts and he had a few he was a womanizer, yeah he liked to gamble, he like fast cars, he liked really expensive cigars, he also had an unbelievable drive to win that I have not seen any athlete since replicate, he was very good speaker with little to "street" talk, he kept his mouth shut on issues he was not qualified to speak on. Oh and he was a leader. But he is degenerate. :rolleyes:
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    I was being sarcastic.....
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    We talk all the time about "pulling for a guy" and it's usually in reference to making the team. I'm pulling for Dez to continue on the right path in life.
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    1st off we really do not know what happened with Dez mom, we do know both his mom and dad were drug users and she was a prostitute what took place that night is not clear. Outside of that Dez never had any run in with the law his greatest sin was being afraid of the NCAA and lying to them about the meeting with Deion. Given this kids up brining if that is all the trouble he has gotten into that say a lot about him as a young man.

    Dez has been made out as a bad person fact is he is not. Funny how Moon praised his former teammate Justin Blackmon of how he was a good guy that fell through after Blackmon was busted for drugs now who is the bad guy?
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    Yeah, maybe I'll start watching MAVS games again.
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    Also, after some big Cowboys' wins, CP3 and Lebron tweet each other on the game.
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    2 North Carolina boys!:)
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    Yeah, it would be a whole lot easier for Chris Paul to mentor Dez if he was in the same town, running point for the Mavs.
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    rather have LeBron mentor him tbh...
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    Yes. This is all about his mom being a whore. You are like the Zone's version of Freud.

    I don't think Dez is a bad person at all. I do think he is a guy who puts himself in situations that he shouldn't and that he's stupid and immature.

    Tons of players in college ball and in this league come from horrible backgrounds. Only a few with talent like Dez get the sort of chances he has.

    Of course, you think smoking weed is worse than slapping your mama, so there really is little else to discuss here.
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    He is a well meaning kid but he also seems the type that can be easily duped. He also wears his heart on his sleeve. The more trustworthy people to help him the better. He may have found himself but he still needs to find his way.
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    That's great news, both guys seem like quality people.
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    CP3 to dallas is now all but certain...

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