NFL.COM Official Review w/ Mike Pereira - 2 plays

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by tchoice23, Nov 11, 2009.

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    He pretty much said that it was a bad call -- whether it was a first down or not is not what was reviewed.

    He likely stays away from plays that aren't reviewed, b/c unlike you, he understands that a snap judgment that a ref makes will often be debatable. He probably also understands that you could turn a camera on any player and find some uncalled penalties along the way.

    You have NO idea how refs are or are not held accountable. One thing is for sure. You don't hold someone accountable by calling them out on tv. These guys are accountable as you don't see refs who make errors in the post season - that is clearly performance-based accountability.
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    Pereira is a joke, he just never ever admits the refs @#$%^&& up a call but prefers saying 'this is what the ref saw on that play"
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    They did actually start dumping refs after the season. Maybe ten years ago? Very much on the QT though, because they do not want any publicity about it. They just donot seem to be able to admit errors publicily. Still, some of the umpires have jobs despite major screw ups, multiple times.

    But the NFL will not go with professional refs, imo because they fear a more powerful officials' union.
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    Abso freaking lutely. I was screaming at Wade to challenge the call because the spot was missed completely. I actually doubt the refs even checked the actual spot, they just wanted to see when Bradie touched McCoy.

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    HD is sweet. Just picked up a Samsung 55" LED to replace my 40" LCD. The 40" is going to my bedroom. :D
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    Maybe just take his word for it?
  7. AbeBeta

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    Ummm, that kinda sounds like he's a good boss. If your boss called you out on national TV, you'd pretty much think he was a ****, now wouldn't you?
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    That's actually not true. I specifically remember a few times where he explains how they messed up the call. He won't throw them under the bus though and I wouldn't either in his position.

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