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    Pats, Colts set early standard for poll

    [​IMG] By Vic Carucci
    National Editor,
    (Sept. 13, 2005) -- This is how the NFL's 32 teams stack up after Week 1:


    1. New England (1-0): For all that has been subtracted, Brady + Belichick still equals greatness.

    2. Indianapolis (1-0): If the Colts defense is as strong as it looked vs. the Ravens, this team finally has everything necessary to go the distance.

    3. Pittsburgh (1-0): Could we please dispense with the talk that Ben Roethlisberger's rookie success was some sort of fluke or mirage?

    4. Atlanta (1-0): The Falcons need to do a better job of capitalizing on scoring opportunities, but they are off to a good start.

    5. Kansas City (1-0): Shutting down Randy Moss and the Raiders would be an even stronger statement by the Chiefs' new and improved defense.

    6. New Orleans (1-0): The Saints wasted no time showing they can handle being season-long road warriors.

    7. Tampa Bay (1-0): Carnell Williams ' lightning-quick legs are something to behold. But how about that vaunted Bucs defense?

    8. Dallas (1-0): Drew Bledsoe delivered an emphatic "Take that!" to the many (including yours truly) who thought he had nothing left to offer as a starter.

    9. Buffalo (1-0): With an outstanding defense and Willis McGahee, the Bills simply need J.P. Losman to be as poised and efficient as he was vs. Houston and they'll go a long way.

    10. Philadelphia (0-1): The Eagles defense is as dominant as ever, but the team needs to find its offensive rhythm -- and fast.

    11. N.Y. Giants (1-0): Imagine how explosive the Giants offense will be when Eli Manning plays well.

    12. Miami (1-0): Hard to believe the Dolphins could find their way into this category after last season and the dramatic change that followed, but dominating the Broncos was impressive.


    Listed alphabetically: Baltimore (0-1); Carolina (0-1); Cincinnati (1-0); Detroit (1-0); Jacksonville (1-0); Oakland (0-1); St. Louis (0-1); San Diego (0-1); San Francisco (1-0); Washington (1-0).


    Listed alphabetically: Arizona (0-1); Chicago (0-1); Cleveland (0-1); Denver (0-1); Houston (0-1); Green Bay (0-1); Minnesota (0-1); N.Y. Jets (0-1); Seattle (0-1); Tennessee (0-1).
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    Woh, he has us ranked above the Eagles.
  3. marchetta

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    Yeah, but he also has Buffalo and N.O. ranked higher than Phily. So, take it 4 what it's worth.
  4. dargonking999

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    remeber who lost in the 4th quarter, and who didnt
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    Looking at his list, he seems to be giving a lot of weight to win/loss. Not a bad thing, but in week one it does not provide much data for analysis.
  6. TheEnigma

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    In all reality, rankings are pretty pointless until about the fifth week of the regular season.
  7. cowboyfan4life_mark

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    Agreed. Bledsoe did have a great game, but it could be the only good one of the season. Lets get a few more under our belts.

    But, it is nice to see the Cowboys getting some respect. :D
  8. RedLine

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    Yep, need more data! :)
  9. jazzcat22

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    And even then it is still very opinionated, even if a program is used, those can be weighted to what they want.

    Unless of course we are ranked #1 :D then it is all true

    OK, some little homerism in there, but I think you know what I mean.

    One more thing...... :trophy:

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