"Ranking the Backup QBs"

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by DFWJC, Aug 13, 2014.

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    I realize these rankings don't mean all that much, but it's the preseason....
    1- Vick
    2- Bortles
    3- Glennon
    4- Cousins
    5 - Sanchez
    23 - Weeden


    I thought was a bit rough on Weeden, ranking him 23rd out of 32
    But really, until he shows something in real games on a somewhat consistent basis, I see what their saying...somewhat. I'm hoping we don't have to find out, but would not count on it.

    Here's what they said:

    "Weeden fared well in his preseason debut with the Cowboys, which is hardly a surprise after tossing up passer ratings of 127.7 and 137.8 in his first two preseason games, respectively, under Norv Turner and Rob Chudinski last August. Once the games count in the standings, he holds the ball too long, doesn't move well in the pocket and struggles with field vision, touch and ball placement."

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  2. big dog cowboy

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    If any team is forced to go with one of those QB's for very long I don't see much success. A couple are decent. There simply isn't much talent there to win long term. Better beef up the defense. Oh wait.......
  3. DFWJC

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    I think Washington would be fine with Cousins. A 5-11 team before then...and after too. :)

    Seriously, some of the Pats players were saying they thought Cousins was the better of the two anyway. lol
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    That simply isn't true. One writer, used the infamous "sources" move, to back up his erroneous analysis of the Pats-Skins practices and claimed a couple of Pats coaches agreed with him. Anyone who actually saw those practices knew better. Griffin was working against first team, and didn't look bad. Cousins looked good working against second teamers, as he should.
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    RG3 is probably better suited for that list.
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    Not a very good list if it's ranked in order, though it seems to be tiered.

    Reality, Weeden is probably about 15th and the rest are such unknowns what's the point of ranking them? Just looking st the guy who is right ahead of Weeden though, there are clearly flaws in their thoughts anyway.

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