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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Coy, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Awesome read for those of us who appreciate Romo

    Mike Lombardi

    For me, the highlight of the day was Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. I love the fact that he threw interceptions early in the game, but when the game was on the line, he made every throw, every play and won the game for the Boys. Too much is made of Romo's interceptions, especially early in the game. He is like the centerfielder in baseball that can get to almost every ball, which is why he has more errors than a player that can't cover as much ground. Romo is a risk-taker, so throwing interceptions won't affect his play; his confidence never wanes. Like a great golfer, Romo never lets a bogey affect his next hole.

    For the last month, Romo has put the Boys on his back and carried them to victory. His ability to make plays with his feet as well as his accuracy have essentially won the last two games. He has been the difference. His play and his talent have allowed the Cowboys to get back into the NFC East race and claim first place. When the Boys get Austin back, integrate Felix Jones into their offense as the second back, they can be really explosive.

    And then the Cowboys might be the one team that can beat the Packers.
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    Only the first INT was Romo's fault...

    He was big time against Washington and Miami.
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    Yes, the quarterback typically does carry an offense....
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    And that's the reason fans of other teams and the media are down on him. It is in their interest for us to get rid of Romo. He can carry this team but he does need help from defense/ST. Even Brady & Peyton Manning need some help from all areas of their team.

    And their heck of a lot of QBs in NFL that are constanting showing they can't carry their team; i.e. Sanchez, etc. But there also a lot of teams no QB can carry. And why isn't Rivers getting hosed for his horrible play so far this season?

    Also don't understand Cowboy fans who want Romo gone. Too many of them blame him when Cowboys lose cause he sometimes makes mistakes. Despite what some media want to believe, we don't have anywhere near enough talent on this team. If we did, why does our secondary & front 7 have so many problem areas? Why do our ST almost stink? And why is the interior of our OL unable to protect Romo or open up holes for running game? Why do we need a good blocking FB to get the job done? Some people need get real.
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    That was not a bad decision, just under threw a little. In fact if he was on target it would have been a TD. Bennett had step and the cover 2 over the top was beaten-great read-poor execution.
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    Typical media: high on Romo because he won, down on Smith because he lost. 3 weeks ago they were singing a different tune. Alex Smith couldn't do wrong and Romo was not to be trusted. I prefer we fly under the radar but it appears the national Romo love fest is underway until we lose again.
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    Yes, but other men dont typically hug conan o brien and keep it as their sig for years...
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    He is. Hopefully that continues into December when the opponents get tougher.

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