Vic Carucci's Top 5 Defensive Ends

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    May have missed this posted, but I thought was interesting....
    (Feb. 23, 2005) -- One man's ranking of the top five defensive ends in the NFL draft:

    1. Erasmus James, Wisconsin

    Positives: Intensity, discipline, anticipation of snap, speed, variety of pass-rush moves, long arms, change-of-direction skills, closing burst to quarterback … Solid senior season erased doubts created by a hip injury that caused him to miss the 2003 season and put him in a position where he should be a top-10 choice.

    Negatives: Lower-body strength, holding his own at the point of attack vs. the run.

    2. David Pollack, Georgia

    Positives: Overall strength, quickness, agility, explosiveness, intensity, work ethic, change-of-direction skills, tackling … Although his lack of height (6-foot-2) is a bit of a concern, Pollack's incredible competitiveness and drive -- to go along with his other high-end qualities -- should put him somewhere in the middle of the first round.

    Negatives: Height, speed, less-than-ideal arm length.

    3. Dan Cody, Oklahoma

    Positives: Anticipation of snap, explosiveness, toughness, leverage vs. the run, upper-body strength, closing burst to quarterback, work ethic … Shows enough playmaking promise to be selected in the bottom half of the first round by a team willing to wait at least a year before he is ready to start.

    Negatives: Lower-body strength, change-of-direction skills.

    4. Shaun Cody, USC

    Positives: Upper-body strength, change-of-direction skills, anticipation of snap, instincts, intensity, inside pass-rushing ability, use of height (6-4) to knock down passes … Figures to be selected in the bottom half of the first round by a team with a defensive scheme that could take full advantage of the strong contribution he can make as an inside pass rusher.

    Negatives: Outside speed, weight (292 pounds) makes him a little too small to play tackle (his college position) and a little too large to be a highly effective end.

    5. Matt Roth, Iowa

    Positives: Power, intensity, aggressiveness, use of hands, pursuit, tackling, instincts … Solid enough player to be a late first-round pick.

    Negatives: Lower-body strength, speed.
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    How is Marcus Spears not included on his list?
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    I agree...major oversight.
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    The whole list kind of surprises me. I would like to see Gil Brandt's.

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