Vic Carucci's Top Offensive Lineman

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 7, 2005.

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    1. Alex Barron, Florida State

    Positives: Ultra-large frame (6-foot-7, 320 pounds), athleticism, footwork, body control, quick-set ability, knee bend, long arms … His exceptional pass-protection skills and ability to line up in the prime left-tackle spot should make him the first offensive tackle off the board, probably in the middle of the first round.

    Negatives: Upper-body strength, aggressiveness, overall technique, choice of run-blocking angles.

    2. Jammal Brown, Oklahoma

    Positives: Upper-body strength, balance, athleticism, body control, footwork, quick-set ability, long arms … He has enough talent, particularly in pass protection, to likely warrant a low first-round pick.

    Negatives: Aggressiveness, run-blocking technique, injury history.

    3. Khalif Barnes, Washington

    Positives: Athleticism, speed, footwork, body control, balance, quick-set ability, choice of run-blocking angles, overall technique … A strong performance at the National Scouting Combine figures to have solidified his position as an early second-round choice and perhaps even a low first-rounder.

    Negatives: Consistently high effort, lower-body strength, hand placement.

    4. Marcus Johnson, Mississippi

    Positives: Size (6-6½, 321 pounds), long arms, hand placement, body control, balance, toughness, choice of run-blocking angles, quick-set ability … Although he was a guard for most of his college career, his size makes him a likely tackle in the NFL and a probable early second-rounder.

    Negatives: Lower-body strength, overall athleticism, explosiveness.

    5. Adam Terry, Syracuse

    Positives: Size (6-8, 330 pounds), long arms, quick-set ability, techniques, athleticism, body control … His outstanding senior season should make him a solid second-round selection.

    Negatives: Lower-body strength, ability to handle bull-rushers.
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    Thing to note is that Alex Barron and Adam Terry are the only true LT...others are RT or guard. Apparently BP was talking to Adam Terry at combine if memory serves me right.

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