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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by The Realist, Feb 24, 2007.

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    I will say that's pretty freaking amazing. However, to be fair, he did lift his feet higher than he actually elevated from the ground which shows more flexibility than hops. Watch his outstretched hands. They don't get that much higher from where they started. That said, it is amazing and he put together the perfect NFL scout attention grabbing ice breaker. Props.
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    Up until 2 weeks ago I thought there was no way the Cowboys would want to add another young FS to the Watkins mix. Thought they would want to let Watkins grow into the starting role with a garbage vet as insurance.

    Now I'm of the opinion we can't go wrong having 2 young, freaky athletes at that position since we've been starving there for a while.

    Competition makes everyone better, and you can play them both. Use one on 1st and 2nd and use the other on 3rd and obvious passing situations. A ton of ST's for both as well.

    If not, we're a high ankle sprain away from KD starting for 4 plus weeks next to the other liability in coverage.
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    I posted that in our draft zone as well.

    Beyond the freakish athletic ability, the kid is smart. Recruited to several Ivy League schools and he was a finalist for the Draddy Award (I think Leonard won).

    The secondary could use some intelligence as well.
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    Got that right.

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