NFL considering banning RBs from leading with their head

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I can't believe I am saying this, and this has not just happened with this article.

    But with all of the rule changes, FA where players are changing teams all of the time, coaches changing teams, the enormous contracts, .. I am slowing losing the passion that I grew up with for NFL football.

    Maybe I am just getting old, .. maybe it is the frustration of the past 15 or 16 Cowboys seasons, .. but I just am not as interested as I used to be.

    There are so many stupid new rules, video review where they are blowing up frame by frame and seeing blades of grass, (or a knuckle) to determine a catch or not. Guys hugging and laughing in between plays.

    Although football is still football and is great, .. it is just not the same as I grew up playing and loving to watch.
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    Not really sure why some people want to blame Goodell. He's just the owners' employee.

    We live in a litigous society, where everyone is looking to make a quick $. Former NFL players are no exception. Sadly, juries are eager to throw $ to those who have not, from those who have, regardless if there's ample justification or not.

    If you are/were an NFL player, and you didn't realize multipe concussions were dangerous for your health, odds are you didn't have much of a brain to begin with. You'd have to be a fool to not realize that's the case. Their rationale is that the NFL supposedly had evidence that it was detrimental to their long-term health and concealed it from them. Shocking. The NFL needed research to know that? And amazingly, only the NFL had access to such research. Who knew that the NFL not only has a football monopoly, but that they also have one in medical research? No outside group nor the players billion $ union had access to such incredible super-secret info. Quite a conspiracy.

    If there isn't a dramatic change in our society, the NFL, as we all have known and loved it, is finished. Personal responsiblity has been almost completely replaced by the notion that everybody deserves whatever they want or need, regardless of whether they earned it or not. The NFL will be litigated into oblivion, and whatever is left of its carcass will be a watered-down, pitiful shadow of what was a passion for many of us for most of our lives.
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    We won't like it, but there will still be plenty of schmucks that do, and so the NFL will carry on, ... just without the hardcore football crazies.

    But the money will continue to roll in.
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    And so, NFL, how would you apply this to blocking fullbacks? Are they banned from leading with their head, too?

    Daryl Johnston wouldn't have made the team with such rules.

    Bye-bye, Vontae Leach.
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    If this passes, a new league will spring up with all the old rules, like the USFL; and this time I'll be 100% behind it.:mad:

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