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    NFL DRAFT 2005

    11th: Moved up to draft Mike Williams to tennesee with the 2nd and 1st round draft choice and Daniel Campbell and next's year 5th Round...and tenesse gives up their first round draft choice and a 6th Round...
    20th: Traded down to 29th for colts pick and their 3rd round, 4th round, next year 6th....
    29th: Trade to 32nd Patroits_for their 3rd, 5th for the 2005 draft, and a 6th for the 2006 draft...
    32nd: Heath Miller TE
    Dallas Cowboys trade their 2nd Round for next year to Saints for Darren Howard..
    3rd Round: Brandon Browner CB/S
    3rd Round: Marlin Jackson CB/S
    3rd Round: ROBERT MCCUNE LB
    4th Round: Darren Sproles RB
    4th Round: Peter Sands S
    5th Round: Derek Wake LB
    6th Round: BRANDON JACOBS FB

    6th Round: JON DUNN

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    Why in the hell would the Cowboys literally waste a first round pick on Miller?
  3. Thick 'N Hearty

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    That's what I was wondering. You don't daft another TE in the first round when you have two quality TEs on the roster.
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    lol............................BTW...that draft SUCKS!
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    according to this mock, we've traded Dan Campbell and everything but the kitchen sink to draft Mike Williams. And somehow was able to do a bunch of moves up and down the 1st round to somehow still have another #1 pick to draft Miller...

    Hmmm...I'd say this mock needs a little more work...
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    I really wish this could have been my 2000th post.
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    Anyone really think Marlin Jackson is going to be around in the 3rd?
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    I'll be glad when the draft gets here, some of these posting are pretty far fetched.
  9. Portland Fanatic

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    Do ya think.....LOL.
  10. Crown Royal

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    This thread is, well.......

  11. Alexander

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    You must be joking.
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    I do not respond to 90% of these posting because some are so far in left field it makes you wonder about the person starting the thread.
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    I would be so pissed I could not see straight if we did all that and drafted a TE. Giving up all that for Mike Williams is just ludicrous. If we need a WR that badly just take Williamson or White with the pick we have. The other trade downs I have no particular problem with but I would NOT take Heath Miller at that spot.

    That is two first round picks and all we have addressed is one position…WR. Losing Dan Campbell and picking up Heath Miller is a wash and is unnecessary considering we have Witten to go with Campbell.

    This does not address our top needs of DL, LB and FS with our top picks. All we would have done would be to replace a proven Dan Campbell with a crap shoot on a hot prospect who may or may not be better…or even as good. That and find a replacement for Keyshawn when he retires but we need a deep threat with speed to replace Glenn; Mike Williams is NOT a speedy deep threat. Glenn will need a replacement long before Key.
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    i'm still wondering how in the world can you already ahve choose your players before the draft, i mean i can understand a mock draft of who you want, but from what i understand arent drafts you know done on draft day not a month before???
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    Please delete this ****!
  16. blindzebra

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    So much VERY WRONG!

    First trade:

    #6 is worth 1700, the 6th is worth 25

    #11 is worth 1250, #42 is 490, next 5th is 25, plus Campbell.

    We are trading 1765 points plus a starting quality TE for 1725.

    Indy trade:

    #20 is worth 900

    The Indy picks are worth 675, 130, 48, and 15.

    This one is fairly close, but what is Indy's motivation to move up?

    NE trade:

    #29 is worth 675

    NE's picks are worth 600, 115, 29, and 15. Why would NE do it?

    We are getting screwed by Tennesee, we are screwing NE, and you have a team with cap problems and holes on defense trading up and giving away picks.
  17. dargonking999

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    Hey i got a question where did you get this genius information from???
  18. Avery

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    Geez, it's one guy's mock draft. You may or may not like it but it's his opinion.
  19. dargonking999

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    no he said this what is gonna happen he said it was already done thi is why hes getting chewed out
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