NFL Draft 2012: Ten Defensive Players to Be Wary of in the First Round

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    Dont recall seeing this posted...its from March 9th

    DK note: Derek also runs - a draft analysis hub that combines his big board, player analysis and scouting reports, mock drafts, an NFL Draft commentary column, and also importantly, to you - user submitted mocks and scouting reports. Make sure you head over and give it a read.
    When evaluating draft prospects, many people struggle to differentiate between grading a player on potential or "upside" versus evaluating and ultimately grading them as the football player that the currently are. The word "talent" is thrown around way too often when justifying a high pick projection.
    I take a different approach. I grade primarily on three key criteria. They are (in order of importance):
    1. Consistency
    2. Instincts & Awareness
    3. Fundamentals
    I care more about these critera than size, speed, raw athleticism or statistics, as I believe history has shown that players who are strong in these three areas transition much better to the NFL than players who are high in "raw upside" but lacking in their consistency, instincts and fundamentals.
    With these criteria in mind, here are 10 prospects who teams should be cautious of on day one:

    4. - DT - LSU
    There's no doubt that Brockers has a ton of potential. He's long, powerful and possesses some natural burst off the snap. Like Coples, Brockers flashes the ability to disrupt from multiple spots along the front line. But I'm always skeptical of guys with only one solid year in school, particularly if that year yielded a showing of more "potential" than actual results, which was the case with Brockers in '11.
    Again, people see the physical package, and the flashes of big time effectiveness, and automatically want to put the guy in the first round. The inconsistency and lack of experience leave him out of my top 32 though, and I think he has a ways to go before he's ready to be a consistent impact player at the NFL level.
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    Saw this coming from a mile away as soon as I saw the title.

    where is the link to this article? I would be interested in seeing what else is said.
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